Kewl alan. Thanks for the assurance :slight_smile: Like i said earlier i’m || < that close to buying it and everything to use it.

I guess this is getting off topic but just wanted to say i got the easy part over. I just bought AnyDVDHD :wink: Now to get the hardware :slight_smile:

I have not seen too many post by James since SS opened their own forum. Have i missed them??

Not quite sure how that is responsive to my inquiry.
Kindly explain and clarify.

So, how much is it, in USD?


So, its $79? Hmm.
Too bad.
I cant afford that right now.

$30 for upgrade if you already have license for AnyDVD.

Where does the $30 come from?
The link you provided to me at post #26 above indicates much higher price???

Says “Upgrade AnyDVD -> AnyDVD HD USD 30.00” on link i posted.


For anyone with HD compatable software, even the X-Box addon, this a great upgrade, As soon as all broadcasts and movies are HD compliant you will really want to own this upgrade. IF you have an HDTV and some HD media, very expensive now and it only burns at 1X I believe this will be awesome. I think that Cyberlink has a product that will do this for you, PowerDVDUltra.

Ok, here’s what you guys need to get going at a minimum:

AnyDVD HD, of course
A FREAKING fast machine with lots of hard drive space
PowerDVD Ultra (100 USD…very buggy, but, pretty much the only game in town right now)
HD-DVD drive (200 USD, works on both 360 and XP/Vista)
A lot of HD-DVD discs (25-35 USD)

If you are using XP, I recommend installing the Toshiba UDF 2.5 drivers(search on google, you’ll find them). Vista has UDF 2.5 support built in. This isn’t 100% necessary but it helps. The AnyDVD HD ripper does not need the UDF driver in order to work, so you can just use that if you wish. As for fast machine, the fastest Core Duo or X2 you can get with a very good video card is recommended. I’m going to have to rebuild my media PC’s at some point with some better hardware. Anyway, the experience is highly impressive. Once you go HD-DVD, you’ll never want to go back.

P.S. One last note that no one’s mentioned. On Vista, if you are using DVI out, PowerDVD Ultra seems to not wish to work with it. It’s either a bug in Vista, PowerDVD Ultra, or some video drivers. Or it could be a combination of all the above. You can switch to VGA output. Just be aware of the potential problem.

I think it’s great that slysoft has update Anydvd to be able to rip HD media but as everything new it’s a great feature to have but has anyone tried HD ripping yet? I would wait til they get the HD and Blue-Ray media standard before going out to buy a HD drive or BR. Could be someone will integrate the HD and BR into a single drive - now that I would put some serious consideration into buying but as for right now it cost is out of my funding, so I will wait til they get a unit that one can afford. It will be some time but by that time they should get the bugs or kincks out of the units and be more affordable to the mass consumers. Also the media for BR that I see is so expensive 1 RW BR is 25 G is $30 US. I was like wow…

LG GGW-H10N is a Blu-ray+HD DVD drive, will be out March/April this year. But it’s a BD burner and HD-DVD reader only.

Also the media for BR that I see is so expensive 1 RW BR is 25 G is $30 US. I was like wow…
Try $12 +shipping for the 25GB BD-RE 2x, here:

Or froogle

Meanwhile, HD DVD-R is around $9 for 15GB 1x.

I am in agreement with you. The only way at present to watch HDDVD on the computer is with the XBox 360. I might have tried it if I owned a 360 but at this point its not worth it. I would only be interested in Ripping and burning with PC. The price of blank media makes it not worth while. Be better to wait a month or two after the release of new DVD titles and purchase a used or discounted HDDVD and watch it on the television (still have not purchased a standalone player).I have been tempted to purchase the 360 for this purpose and it would also serve two roles, one for television and one for the computer. But my computer would require a boost and then it still might not be sufficient. In the meantime I am comfortable with watching High Definition from DishNetwork (admittedly not as good) but my television is only capable of 1080i any way. If I jumped at every new technology as soon as it came out, I would be waisting hard earned money. But I still like to frequent these forums and keep well informed for the moment to “pounce”. :slight_smile:

When will the speeds increase?

It is in the changelog:

  • Fix: Problem with multi-angle titles and Sony Arccos protection

There are only 2x BD-R media in the market but the current and upcoming LG drives are able to burn some of them, eq TDK and Verbatims, at 4x speed thus a 22 minutes burn time for a full 25GB capacity as tested in our review here.

Not sure about HD DVD-R and HD DVD-RW since there is currently no burner, yet.