AnyDVD and Windows XP SP2 Compatability issues!?

I was using the 3.9.x.x version of AnyDVD. All was fine. I then installed SP2 for XP. Now, when I insert a movie (DVD), the system freezes. I have upgraded to and the same result.

I have two memorex DVD burners and the same happens on both drives. One older and one newer.

When I deactivate AnyDVD, loading movies will not freeze the system which almost tells me that there is a compatability issue between AnyDVD and SP2. I have heard that Microsoft added some anti-piracy stuff in SP2 but not sure if this could be the issue.

I welcome any feedback on this.

Thank you.

Did you ever try to update v4.0.3.5?

I’m using 4.035 . Everything works fine until I install Nvidia IDE-Driver 2.6 . Then Anydvd stops working, doesn’t matter which version.


No, I have not. I read the release notes and nothing was mentioned about this problem or similar being fixed so…

I will do the upgrade tonight.


I have no problem with SP2 since AnyDVD beta
maybe you can try to update IDE driver on your motherboard
Just a suggestion…


Thanks for the help. Looks like it was a problem with an old copy of Roxio that I had loaded but was not using. After uninstalling, eveything is fine. (Although I did update the IDS drivers, Upgrade to the latest version of AnyDVD, and reinstall my drive mounter).

Thanks for the help.


No upgrade. Since it tends to crash the whole system or at least having compatibility problems with some /lot of/ software.

I spent days reading reviews and posts concerning SP2. Well, sometimes “1” is much better than “2”. In real life by all means. And if something works without any problem, than there is no need waking up Mr. Murphy.

What concerns security, the strong side of SP2, as it is said. Well, I would never rely only on the OS in this respect. It is much better to use software and other methods that are meant to guard the system.