AnyDVD and StarWars I-III

I’m trying to rip StarWars to my streaming server. The DVDs are my own original.
With those I have the problem, that in the beginning I get the StarWars intro, then a grey screen the intro again and a grey screen and the english intro for a view seconds then the german intro then the english and so on.

Tried lot’s of anydvd versions till the latest beta.
Using clonedvd and anydvd, win xp sp2.

All of my other DVDs are working, only StarWars has this problem.

Can anybody help me pls?


Just use Decrypter and Shrink.

first, are you saying that the originals give you the problem that you described or the rips?

if it’s the rips:
are you ripping movie only? full disc?

have you omitted titlesets? if i’m not mistaken, the star wars movies have multiple angles that need to be correctly matched up in order to play correctly.

if this is your problem, i suggest you do a search for “multiple angles” or check out the clonedvd help file (there’s a quick mention of it in there I believe)

if the originals are giving you that issue…well you can’t expect to make a working backup from a non-working original so I’m not really sure where to go from here…

The problem are the multiple angles (interleaved blocks) on the Star Wars discs.
Use CloneDVD mobile (!) for the job. Use “VOB file (passthrough)” as the output device. You will get a single file, ready to stream over the network.

What a stupid advice. This will not solve the problem of the interleaved blocks.

Thanks I’ll try CloneDVD mobile.
I selectet only the 1. view and no additional languages.
Now I’m going to install the latest anydvd, Ijust received an email from slysoft that a new update is available and later I will try mobile.

Thanks for all the answers

Me again,
tested mobil,and it works fine now. Just bought it.

Thanks a lot for your help,