AnyDVD and Sony Rootkit

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AnyDVD tackles Sony DRM Rootkit Virus!
If AnyDVD is installed and active on your PC, the new so-called “Sony DRM Rootkit Virus” has no access to your system and the affected audio CD appears unprotected regardless! Another good reason to get AnyDVD!

Read more information about Sony DRM Rootkit Virus: Sony gone too far …security implications

Interseting to note Sony is recalling all the CD’s with hidden copyright protection when inserted into a computer. The software protection on these disks is named XCP. This recall will cost Sony about 10 million. Sony shipped about 5 million disks with this protection of which 2 million reached consumers.
They will be recalling the unsold 3 million from retail outlets.

Here they tried to combat piracy methods and ended up costing them a small fortune. Good for them I say. Had they made public that fact and put it on their packaging, I wouldn’t be as harsh. But them to do it without peoples knowledge and make innocent people vulnerable to viruses is a disgrace.
I never for one moment thought they would be so stupid and attempt this, I was wrong.

Edited: Failed to mention for those who purchased these CD’s can return them to place of purchase and receive a new one without the Rootkit on it.

Has anyone found a published list of the titles that were shipped with XCP?
The article mentions a phone #, but spending hours on the phone to find out, just adds insult to injury.
I ripped a Gretchen Wilson cd to my hd a couple of weeks ago, and it had a sticker on it that stated it may not play on some computers.
I did rip with AnyDvd running, but initially I inserted the disk without AnyDvd running in the background. (stupid I know, but hindsite now)
I suspect this cd since it would not let me rip it with Sony’s simple burner to a mini disk player. (shouldn’t have bought a Sony product, won’t make that mistake again either)
I eventually made a copy disk, with AnyDvd running, and used the copy to transfer files to the mini disk.
I am having major anxiety about what I may have inadvertantly put on my machine.

this issue only comes up if you have your autorun on…turn it off

Simple also is to set AnyDVD options to load at start up and always be running. The Rootkit abomination can’t get by AnyDVD.

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Suggest visiting CD Freaks.Com ( occasionally to keep abreast of News in the computer world.

Below is recent News article posted at CD Freaks.Com (, which contains information on which Sony-BMC CDs were released with the now famous Rootkit crap.

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Thanks for the reply and links…much appreciated.