AnyDVD and Roxio 7.5

Does AnyDVD work with Roxio 7.5 to copy DVDs?



If your goal is to copy a pre-existing commercially manufactured DVD suggest considering using the AnyDVD – CloneDVD software combination. The AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination is easy to use and produces excellent results.

If you visit SlySoft ( you can download the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD free of charge. You can use these software programs for 21 days to test them out to see if these programs meet your needs.

The below AnyDVD-CloneDVD user tutorial provides detailed information on the use of these software programs.

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Yes, AnyDVD works with Roxio 7.5, but you haven’t asked the bigger question.

That question is:

“Was Roxio 7.5 programmed entirely by human-hating, dung-throwing chimps from the planet Asshole?”

And the answer to that question is ALSO yes. Delete it from your hard disk immediately and use ANYTHING else.

Speaking of Roxio, I was not aware until recently that Sonic bought Roxio in December 2004. Quite amusing, they made a movie that’s appropriate for this aquisition, Dumb And Dumber.


LOL !!! :clap:

Why don’t you say what you really mean?! Ya flower things up but we can see right through it. You don’t like Roxio do you? … admit it now …

Well…guess I had best try something else as I was able to use Roxio 7.5 to copy the DVD however, it was totally unplayable (stopping, pixelating).

I have used DVDXCopy numerous times successfully but the application is very limiting.

I have never had any issues with Roxio with CD burning however.

I suggest you try elby CloneDVD
Very easy, very good, very powerful.

Tru is right-on! I see posters using three different freeware programs or crummy “knock-off” or badly writen backup programs to get results … complex and time consuming. Just to avoid spending a few bucks(?) The CloneDVD/AnyDVD combination rules in ease of use, player compatibility and fast updates to new protections.

But to be completely fair, the Roxio program is ok for burning just a data or graphics images dvd when a cd does not hold enought information. It’s just not made for movie backups.

No, no it isn’t. Roxio corrupts machines. It’s on my short list of “programs that you must never install if you want your machine to work properly”, along with Realplayer, the “full installation” of any Creative sound card, and sports games from Electronics Arts. :frowning:

OK, ok, ok…I truly don’t know what you guys are talking about. I downloaded CloneDVD and tried that… same thing… crap!!! The burned DVD is jerky, pixelates, stops… freezes the computer, freezes the DVD player

Also… why don’t I ever get any emails stating there is a new posting to this thread even with that option selected??

Ok then, you’ve most likely got a media problem. What brand and type of DVD blanks are you using? You are not using Memorex are you?

@ tonymuffin,

Your problem could possibly be related to poor quality blank DVD media.

Using software a utility similar to DVDInfo ( provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example: RitekG05) of the bank DVD Media you are using.

Providing the actual Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example: RitekG05) of DVD media you are using will help to determine if you problem actually cause by the DVD media you are using.

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Yes… they are Memorex DVD-RW. What do you recommend?

The CloneDVD program is an excellent program, the problem is with your system or media.

You say you are using Memorex DVD-RW media. First Memorex is very unprecdicatable media and I would avoid it. Second, I would not use R\W media at this time, use either DVD+ or DVD- media. Perhaps the R\W disk you are using is defective even though you format it after every burn.

Why don’t you try some Tayio Yuden, or Verbatim, or Maxell media to eliminate poor quality media as being the culprit.

Regarding not receiving emails, maybe your ISP is treating them as junk mail, you need to view your junk mail folder and not automatically empty it.

To verify you have the correct email address listed with CD Freaks, click on the User CP tab, click on Edi.t Email address.

Then make sure the email address is correct in both email address and confirm email address.

I will try some other blank DVDs. Perhaps my system is not beefy enough?
3.2 GHz CPU
1GB PC3200 Ram
2 x 250GB Hard drives (with over 400GB free space)
256MB video card

I host my own email, it is not blocked by any ISP. I preview the JUNK email folder “always” before emptying. Nothing there… Yes, the site has my correct email address

@ tonymuffin,

In many circles Taiyo Yuden is considered top of the line DVD Media. Also Rima.Com ( is considered a reliable source of Taiyo Yuden DVD Media. Currently they are selling Taiyo Yuden for 33 cents apiece.

Why are you using DVD-RW media to make back up copies of DVD Movies? If you are archiving valuable data and are relying on accessing it at a distant point of time DVD-RW media is not the DVD media to use. It has been documented that long-term storage of data on DVD rewritable (RW) media is not as reliable as using recordble ® media. Also recordble ® media is less expensive than rewritable (RW) media.

Also I explained in my above posting when stating what DVD media you are using you need to provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example: RitekG05) of the bank DVD Media you are using. Your statement that you are using Memorex DVD-RW doe not provide information on exactly what DVD Media it is. Memorex and most other commercial retailer of DVD Media do not manufacture their own DVD Media. The purchase DVD Media from DVD Media Manufactures and then put in boxes labeled with their brand name. Sometimes it is reliable DVD Media and sometimes it is not. The only way you can tell exactly what the DVD media is provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example: RitekG05) of the DVD Media. To acquire the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example: RitekG05) of the bank DVD Media use a software a utility similar to DVDInfo (

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@ tonymuffin,

It appears that your current problem is related to an incompatible issue between the DVD media you are using and your DVD Burner. It could also be that your DVD Burner has old outdated Firmware and needs to be updated to ensure good quality burns.

To narrow down the problem is first to ensure you are using good quality DVD Media. If changing to good quality DVD Media does not correct the problem the next step is to update your DVD Burner with the most current up to date Firmware available for your DVD Burner.

Could you provide the Manufacture, Model Number, and Firmware version of your DVD Burner? To acquire this information use a software utility similar to DVDInfo (

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You said you’re using Memorex DVD-RW. From other member’s posts, you now know that Memor-sux. But the other factor is that RW disks don’t play well in many players or ROMs. Also, RW disks can just stop being re-writable ie the disk fails to record anymore.

Use -R or +R … whatever your rig likes. -R disks have broader compatibilty with standalone players but you can booktype +R to a ROM standard so that they have good compatibilty too.