AnyDVD and Plex Tools

When i play a cd with Plex Tools and press the STOP button or X (Close)
i get a blue screen !!! XP Pro message is blabla and so on AnyDVD.sys please
contact your Blabla

I suggest you write down the blabla and send a bug report to SlySoft support.
Make sure you use newest AnyDVD (AFAIK 3813).
Try to anyble SafeMode in AnyDVD settings.

An Olli
as i use a Trial Version i haven’t a License # witch u need only for CCD so i didn’t try SlySoft support.When i rename to AnyDVD.sys.bak it’s working

Message: If this happens the first time Boot your PC If it happens again call…
hope that’s enough ?

*** Stop:0x0000007E (0xC0000005,0xF7B719C5,0xF7D0C97C,0xF7D0C67C

*** AnyDVD,Sys - Address F7B719C5 base at F7B71000,DateStamp 40C3663a

Thank you for the report. It will be fixed in the next AnyDVD release.