AnyDVD and Pinnacle Studio editing

After backing up a DVD as a folder set, I’ve been trying to edit and save selected scenes by editing in Pinnacle Studio 11. The problem is that the MPG’s will not play smoothly in Studio. They continuously hesitate about every half second and then advance. And that’s exactly the way they burn after editing.

The same files play perfectly in WMP and Roxio 8. This is true of any DVD and also after using DVD Decrypter instead of AnyDVD.

I want to use Studio for several reasons, but can’t find a way around this.

Oh — if I drop the MPG into Roxio and output it as another MPG, it will then play perfectly in Studio. (But the quality is not good.)

Is this a known issue with Studio after copying with AnyDVD?


Hi PhilC and Welcome to the forum, I can’t say I have had much experience with Pinnacle but AnyDVD works wonders with alot of programs, maybe you found one it wont support. Maybe someone else will chime in here, we usually do not get alot of question involving Pinnacle Software.:o

In general, do different programs/players read MPG’s in ways different from each other?

Do AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter do something unusual to the resulting VOB/MPG files? Something that doesn’t quite conform with the spec? Or maybe something is not being completely removed? Studio can play any MPG smoothly except those that have be decrypted.

Maybe Roxio isn’t as finicky, so it can read and process these MPG’s, at the same time “fixing” them so that Studio can play them smoothly.

I get the same results whether I just copy the DVD folders to my HDD, or use DVD Decrypter to export particular chapters of a title to the HDD, or whether I use Studio to import a DVD title internally (with AnyDVD running of course).

In the first two cases, I simply change the .vob extension to .mpg to edit the file. Is this the correct procedure?

My experience with Pinnacle Studio was horrible I had S8 S9 S10. Pinnacle is the best at crashing,just to turn on program it crashed (go figured). I don’t know who in the right mind wrote this program , hog all CPU and Ram like you wouldn’t belive and then crashed. My personal opinion is I don’t think AnyDVD has anything to do with Pinnacle Studio. They work in seperate way.