AnyDVD and Parental Control settings



I purchased a SONY DVD player “Used” of ebay and, I tried to play the movie a backed up copy of: American Pie: The Naked Mile unrated version and, the DVD player will not play it due to the setting of the Parental Control being setting to PG-13 and I cant view the DVD in the DVD player. I dont know the unlocking code of the parental control of the DVD player in Sony. Here is my idea: It would be nice if AnyDVD would have a setting to remove the parental control code in the DVDs so you can play it regardless of parental control setting in any DVD player. :bow:



That would be nice yes, but I really do not think this is possible because the parental controls are on your DVD Player not the files of the DVD. Just my opinion, who knows what is really possible.:wink:


You can do this for sure. First rip the DVD to your hard drive. Download PgcEdit and load the files into it: File > Open DVD. Then after it finishes scanning for BOVs, go to DVD > Remove Parental Management. Click yes and then yes again. Save your DVD and that’s that. When you watch the DVD on your player it should not ask for a password anymore. PgcEdit is a great program to use if you really want to go in depths with editing everything. It’s a very handy tool to have!

Also, sometimes they put the default factory password for the player in the manual. So if you have it there, check it out.



Thanks for the help! I’ll see if I can figure out the PGCEdit software. However, It would be nice if AnyDVD added this feature into their software but, what can you do?



This is what it would look like if AnyDVD put Remove Parental Management:


lol nice mock up. I would also like it if they added it.


Would rewriting the firmware erase the current players settings?