Anydvd and Nerorecode



After recoding using Nero with Anydvd in the background, my tv/dvd player will play the trailers of the DVD but not the movie. This has happened to multiple various movies, no matter what I recode. Can you offer any suggestions? I have downloaded the latest versions of Anydvd and Nero, but the problem has also happened with previous versions. I am really stumped on this one. Thanks.



Does the DVD start playing the trailors when the disc is inserted or do you see the menu?

If you see the menu, can you play the movie? If you don’t see the menu, can you call it by pressing the menu button on your remote?


The DVD initially starts out by playing the trailers. Right after the trailers the tv/dvd will just go blank. I’m guessing it’s not recognizing the next track to go to and therefore thinks the DVD is completed. I am also not able to play the DVD unless I pull it out and reinsert. This has happened with every DVD I burn. With regards to the menu button? It doesn’t even give me a chance to get that far. Thanks for responding.