anyDVD and NEC ND-3550A XP System Crash

I recently swaped my old DVD writer for a NEC 3550A. But now, I get blue screens very often because of an unknown driver problem. The only way I could solve the problem is to remove AnyDVD (latest version). Is this a known problem? Is AnyDVD working on this problem?

I’m having a similar problem. Anydvd worked fine while it was a trial version, but as soon as my trial was over and I purchased it, I now get a blue screen and automatic restart prior to the actual burning process. :frowning: HELP! I’m out $39!!

Try the previous release of AnyDVD maybe?

Read my post on your other thread. No need to post similar posts throughout the forum it just confuses everyone and makes it harder to get genuine help too.

Thanks for your help!

Anytime hope it helps you out.