AnyDVD and MCE: metadata gone missing!

Hi guys, and ladies:


Is there a way to get AnyDVD to let the metadata through into windows MCE “My DVD” section. It seems that when I have AnyDVD running the data is missing for the dvd’s in the drives and what shows up in MCE is just a generic movie box and reel and the title.

When AnyDVD is turned off, the dvd movies in the drives then show up in MCE with the cover art, credits, synopsys, etc…

So I thinnk it is something AnyDVD is doing to the movie. I’m not saying that AnyDVD is doing anything wrong. I’m sure it is doing what it is designed to do, and doing it first rate I might add. AnyDVD rox!!! That is why I am here to see if something can be done, because I cannot live without that program. I would also like it to work with MCE as well.

Thanks for any info, help or advice.

The reason is very simple: If AnyDVD modifies the .IFO files to remove UOPs, region code scripts, region coding they are … well, different.
Identifying DVDs is done by hashing the .IFO files. If they are different from the original they can’t be detected. (DVDs miss something nice like a “unique media identifier”)
Only solution: Disable all feature removals except “Hardware region code” and “PC-Friendly” in AnyDVD settings - if you can live with this loss.

So Tru,

If I get this correct, you say if I disable all the settings in AnyDVD, “Only solution: Disable all feature removals except “Hardware region code” and “PC-Friendly” in AnyDVD settings - if you can live with this loss.” I will get all my pretty metadata coming through on the DVD movie in MCE. Tru?

Well I think I did exactly that and still no luck. I know AnyDVD is doing exactly what it is suppose to do and doing it better than anyone IMO. So I not fault them in any way shape or form.

If anyone knows of a way to work around this I would like to know. I thought making my drives RPC1 and then using DVDRegionKiller would do the trick. Only because I think DVDRegionKiller works on the drive and not the actual movie file. LSS I couldn’t get DVDRegionKiller to work on my system for some reason. I tried and tried and tried. Even posted for some help here at d’freaks but couldn’t get it rolling.

Anyway, I got to go, thanks for all the kind advice and I’m going to keep on trying and if I bust this out I’ll post results so the whole world will know.


Strange, I think it should work… but I forgot to mention that you have to disable “Remove annoying adverts & trailers” as well.
If this is enabled it won’t work, because it will modify the .ifo files as well, of course.

That is Tru,

You are correct!! That did it. I guess you need to have an understanding of how AnyDVD works its magic…which I do not! I never would have figured that one out. So what does that mean in terms of program effectiveness? Functionally, it still works. I copied several DVD movies to my hard drive and they seem to work perfect. I didn’t watch every one of them through, but I think a watched enough to be sure they work. I did have a problem with which title set it chose as the main feature movie and it missed one and wouldn’t play, but when I chose the correct title set it played then, weird?? I suppose the file size is a little bigger than if removing all the stuff that I had to be deactivate in the program is true too. Probably not that much bigger though.

AnyWAY, It seems to do the trick now. I’m trying to figure out an automatic way to download the mymovies metadata from the web now. I have to do it manually and then copy the file and put it in the directory of the movie. Then when I go to my dvd in MCE it will show up for the movies I have on my harddrive. This is probably not the place to ask that so I’m not. I’m just pointing it out. If someone can point me to the right place I appreciate it. thanks

Thanks again Tru, big help. I should have dug deeper into the program and tested every function before reaching out. But then again, I still may not have figured it out. I’m glad you guys are here to help out. Thanks



I was wondering if you knew exactly how the unique ID MCE uses is generated. I noticed your mention of the IFO files and the effect of programs like AnyDVD on them. I have been looking for specifics on how exactly to generate the ID in my own application. I know there are WM objects to do it, but I wanted to do it in my own code so I could try to use low-level reads to do it directly in my app.

Another useful addition to AnyDVD and other programs like it would be a simple API allowing programs to disable and re-enable the IFO altering functions. This could make a nice workaround for some of these issues and could readily be added to third party apps. Ideally this could a single deviceiocontrol call directly to the DVD drive that all driver intercept programs provide (common API).