AnyDVD and Mac?

I got the update notice that the new version of AnyDVD will run on a PowerPC Mac and Virtual PC emulation.

Has anyone tried this yet? If so, could you tell me how? Many questions come to mind:

  1. Do you use Shrink and AnyDVD (through Virtual PC) and then burn the output on the Mac side (using Toast?)
  2. Does Nero have to be installed on the Virtual PC side in order to burn?
    3)How much slower is it in emulation?
    4)How big does the partition made for Virtual PC have to be?
  3. is it a rip/compress/burn operation, or do you rip/compress, and then burn separately?

any help would be appreciated.

AnyDVD is just a decryption driver, so you can use any application running under Virtual PC.
You could simply drag’n’drop the files to the harddisk and use a Mac app to process/burn them if you like.

Thanks for that…will try it later tonight on my Mac.

I’m struggling to use AnyDVD under Parallels on my Intel Mac Pro.
My idea was to use AnyDVD (which has been my favorite tool for years) to copy my DVD to my hard drive and then use Toast on the Mac to burn my backups.

However, Toast was complaining (and crashing) and I tried using some of my other tools, such as Visual Hub. VH told me that it couldn’t copy encrypted files which left me wondering what exactly AnyDVD did when I copied the files from the DVD to my hard drive.

Anyone else run into this issue?

You must use a Windows program to use the copying (like Windows Explorer or CloneDVD2), of course. The Host OS (MacOS) won’t see what AnyDVD is doing in the Windows session.

I am. I perform a regular Explorer drag/drop from the TS_VIDEO folder on the CD to another folder which is shared between the Window VM and the Mac.

Toast and/or Visual Hub then operate on the (presumably decrypted) version…except they have both been failing, the former with just a crash, and the latter giving a message about the files being encrypted.


Try running AnyDVD in safe mode -> click the fox in the tray and go to “Program Settings”

Sorry, we haven’t tested AnyDVD on Parallels. Only on Boot camp (Intel Mac) and Virtual PC (PowerPC Mac)

What exactly does Safe mode do? That’s never been quite clear to me.