AnyDVD and it's hooks?



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Do be aware that once installed, AnyDVD hooks itself into your write drivers. I regard this as insidious.

See HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

The next version of ImgBurn will be able to disbale this behaviour.


This is a quote and I can’t remember if I talked directly to Slysoft or to James, here or at another forum about this, but am looking for the ‘full’ explanation regarding this matter. Anyone know??
I do remembere that S;lysoft or James stated that it was harmless and done by design for whatever reason and would like to know the cons and pros of it all???


No takers on this one??


[B]…hooks itself into your write drivers…[/B]

What does that mean… and why is it a bad thing?

Does it do something bad to our PCs or something???



From what CD Freaks Forum posting are you are quoting Forum Member blutach? I conducted a CD Freaks Forum search and could not locate the posting.

If perchance you are quoting Forum Member blutach from another Forum please provide the Forum Link. I would like to review the entire posting to obtain amplifying information on this topic.



to help you get bigger bass? :rolleyes:


Blutach is a mod at 2 other forums.


Your quote of Blutack
"Do be aware that once installed, AnyDVD hooks itself into your write drivers. I regard this as insidious."
Emphasis on "regards"
just because he thinks so. doesn’t make it so, regardless of the fact that he maybe a moderator elsewhere (I don’t think he is a software developer, but correct me if I am wrong)

I am sure if AD were insidious in anway, the scores of detractors would have lined our forums with reams of proof.

In fact as far as pros and cons go Blutach himself as not offered any cons while SS has stated it is harmless and is some security feature of the software itself.

I am sure that AD appears very insidious to scores of movie makers instead


Here is the link you requested:


Yes, Blu is a Moderator at DVF and seems to feel strongly about this matter. Haven’t quite gotten a full explanation other than that he feels AnyDVD has no reasons for having that lower filter installed. Not quite sure what he feels is a problem, so have e-mailed Slysoft for ‘their’ full explanation. Hopefully Blu can give a more thorough explanation as to whether or not he feels it is detrimental to our systems or not.
I have a close friend whose a software engineer and am going to ask if he has any insight on this as well.

Not sure what you mean with that one Bro… :bigsmile:


Geez! I mean, anyone would think AnyDVD offered an option to copy a DVD directly to the hard disk of the computer …

I mean, the nerve of AnyDVD :bigsmile:


Not sure what you mean either Bro… :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


The problem is, that he doesn’t understand how AnyDVD works.
It is an on the fly decrypter.

AnyDVD must modity the data as it passes up the driver stack. If you remove this registry key, AnyDVD will not work anymore.



Not true about removing the registry key value. New Imgburn Beta removes key and anydvd still decrypts on the fly with no problems. The main issue is that it interfears with other burning software and that isn’t right! No need so deleting reg. value solves issues with other burning apps so you can use it with any app. you wish now without conflicts or error’s (without having to use clonedvd2 if you wish). Slysoft is trying to make it to where you have to buy clonedvd2 for anydvd to work and that is wrong!!! Sorry but true.


Remove the registry entry, reboot, AnyDVD won’t work anymore.

It doesn’t. It only intercepts reading. This is why verification fails.
Just disable AnyDVD before doing a verify.

Sorry, but this is crap.


Honestly this is the battle for the free versus what I paid for I fell anyways. Ripit4me is free and it isn’t an on the fly decrypter and anydvd is. If they feel there is a issue or better worded something to be worried about then they need to worry about Microsoft and their OS’s as they are far more worse than this little decrypter. Blutach is far too well known to push use free over paid, we all have our reasons we use this or use that. But what’s weird on this is those that won’t buy and only use free will do anything to make a company look bad or seem suspicious. The people that have used anydvd for numerous years already know there is nothing to fear. ripit4me could pose as a good decrypter IF it was an on the fly decrypter and could be used with other software and not forced to download something else. So this goes to show that we all have our preferences and that’s final. I’m willing to say out of just guessing that the upper or the lower filter is used to fix the bug that the OS uses to use the drive as we all know that anydvd does do this as well. However this is just speculation and opinion, it isn’t meant to offend anyone.


this only occurs with anydvd running…right-click and close…what is the big deal? do that and all burns ok…come on guys…exercise your mouse!!! I have burned with nero, padus, imgburn…blah blah…no issues.

who verifies anyway? get a good burner instead LOL


Honestly Ron with the ease of technology that we have today I still know a few people that take 4 or 5 steps to back up their DVD’s and to them I guess it’s nothing but I think it’s ridiculous to do so much. I have a variety of backup programs but usually one or two clicks and done.

But as for the verify ordeal I know a bunch that do this with every backup. Why is a good question? If you backed it up and it plays flawless then all is well end of story in my book.


Filter Driver Load Order

Upper Device Filter: redbook
Device Object: BENQ DVD DD DW1650
Lower Device Filter: imapi

     Driver Name:  redbook.sys
   File Location:  c:\windows\system32\drivers
File Description:  Redbook Audio Filter Driver
    File Version:  5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158) [5.1.2600.2180]
    Product Name:  Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
 Product Version:  5.1.2600.2180 [5.1.2600.2180]
    Company Name:  Microsoft Corporation

     Driver Name:  imapi.sys
   File Location:  c:\windows\system32\drivers
File Description:  IMAPI Kernel Driver
    File Version:  5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158) [5.1.2600.2180]
    Product Name:  Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
 Product Version:  5.1.2600.2180 [5.1.2600.2180]
    Company Name:  Microsoft Corporation

any other filters running beyond these can do no good

anydvd used to not add anything here?
does it now?


Forum Member Tru is more than fully and totally qualified to comment on the internal workings of the AnyDVD Software program. Perhaps if Forum Members were fully informed they would not question the technical content of the postings that Forum Member Tru is gracious to provide to the Forum.

Everyone has their opinion on how to skin a cat. The AnyDVD method, which has been around for over 4 years, is a tried and proven method.

I believe Forum Member ron spencer #16 posting address the concerns that Forum Member blutach Digital Video Forum posting raises.

Verifying the Data only confirms that the Data was written to the Disk. Verifying does not ensure the DVD Data is correctly authored or doesn’t contain any structural errors that will prevent the DVD from playing correctly in a DVD Playback Device.

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Tru is correct. If you remove the AnyDVD entry from “LowerFilters” the AnyDVD.sys driver will not be loaded anymore and AnyDVD will stop working, as the AnyDVD.sys driver will not be loaded anymore. On the next reboot AnyDVD will show a message “no drives found”. So don’t do this.
For verification to work, just disable AnyDVD - right click the tray icon, untick “Enable AnyDVD”. The grey fox icon reminds you to enable it at a later time.