AnyDVD and Intel Macs

Has anyone tried running AnyDVD on an Intel Mac running Windows XP through either BootCamp or Parallels? Will it work? :confused:

I would think as long as you are running it through windows it would. The true question is why cripple a MAC with a windows OS also on it…:smiley: Being if I had one I wouldn’t do it. How about anydvd for macs?

I tried BootCamp and it works fine. Unfortunately it can’t make the stupid Matsushita (Panasonic) drive in the iMac region free (no software can).

Because I can’t live without AnyDVD. AnyDVD is a “killer application”, especially if you want to watch DVDs on a computer (UOPs, transparent subtitles…)
Unfortunately I can’t watch DVDs without reclock either (to reverse the f*cking 4% PAL-Speedup), so a Mac version of AnyDVD wouldn’t be enough… :frowning:

Believe me, if there was a Mac version of AnyDVD, I would get rid of my PC (the secondary machine) immediately. The Mac platform has MacTheRipper which is a very good program, but which works in a different way than AnyDVD. :slight_smile: