Anydvd and DvdXcopy



A friend of mine, who has the old xcopy, asked what he should be using these days.
Knowing he was into convenience over price, I actually suggested AD.
He wanted to know if AD worked with Xcopy. I said probably not, but was not sure.
I said Id ask you folks here.
So, can AD work with xcopy?


I think Xcopy has a primitive decrypter built into it along the lines of Dvdshrink

Why not ask your friend to take advantage of the AD 21 day free trial and see if it will work to his satisfaction.

Failing that you could ask him to use that program you always used to advise others to use for along time(and surreptitiously still do)
you seemed to be an expert in its use and always stated it was easy to use and the time and convenince factor was of no consequence.
What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.


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Good idea on free trial period, esp since sale ends tomorrow.

Since you asked, I suggested he consider: ripit4me, dvdfab decrypter and AD. We discussed pros and cons. He said he was more interested in convenience than price. I believe i mentioned this latter point in my OP.
So, the goose -gander adage does not apply here.
Id say the more appropriate saying in this situation is:
Different strokes for different folks.

By surreptitious, I presume you are referring to my ripit4me threads appropriately placed on the copydvdmovie forum. Hard to be surreptitious in an open forum.


I’ve never used Xcopy, so I have no clue.

  1. You may need to enable “safe mode” in Anydvd (found in"program settings" in Anydvd). Try Anydvd without safe mode first though.

  2. If Xcopy provides its own decryption feature, it should be disabled when using Anydvd (if possible)


Now, now kids. Play nice. :bigsmile: If your friend likes convenience over price, then tell him to download the free trial CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD. There really is no easier or faster way than that combo.


I would also recomend Clone DVD but if he feels he has to use DVDXCopy. I do have a solution that will work with most movies. Have him download VSO Inspector as it installs the 1.37 Patin Couffin Driver and has better burn support. If he cant do a movie in Advanced Mode Use Simple Mode. If he doesnt want to spend any money DVD Shrink works great and you cant beat the Price Free.


I have been using DVDXCOPY with ANYDVD running in background for several yrs now. No problems with burns.


Thanks for your help.


By the way, AnyDVD will also remove those annoying XCopy warnings.


What warnings are these?


““This presentation has been brought to you courtesy of Xcopy Studios. Please do not make illegal copies””


linny, Do i correctly presume that you dont have the dvdxcopy program [I]lying[/I] about ?


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