AnyDVD and DVDXCopy Gold

I’m using a trial version of AnyDVD which is working fine. I copied a right protected disk using DVDXCopy Express then tried to copy the copy. XCopy doesn’t recognize the disk. Does AnyDVD work on a copy of a copy?

Help - Thanks.

The copy of the copy should not need AnyDVD. The protections are stripped out when the original is copied. I have able used the copy disc option in Nero to make a second copy without AnyDVD running.]


I copy the original using DVDXCopy Express then Nero to copy the copy since Express only allows one copy of the original.

Do I really need AnyDVD?

You only need anydvd whenever You want to copy a dvd that has css protection (and a region code, if it’s different than yours). I only use anydvd to make copies of my disney classics, since I’ve experienced that no other program cracks the code completely on disney classics. For regular movies I use DVDshrink because it’s gives more features on how and what to rip.

…that DVDXCopy is a bastard program.
It lets you copy once (and this is OK) but it writes on the copy a special code that identifies the computer used to make the backup and that prevent another copy being burned from the first copy.

Think about…