AnyDVD and DVD Spec Issue?



First off I tried V5.9.6.2 with Freedomland, which is Accrros protected. I checked the first cell. It is incorrect…tried with clonedvd…if you use dvdshrink and modify the start and end points of the movie you will not have this issue. I suspect cloneDVD is same too, but this should be taken care of automatically I think,

see the picture I am attaching.

The first cell cannot be flagged as seamless playback joint as this is in violation of the dvd spec. I suspect this has come about as a result of anydvd “'cleaning” sony’s stuff. The first cell must be flagged as an STC discontinuity (or 2 0) in pgcedit.

has this been rectified in newest version of anydvd?..I cannot check as I am now off travelling on the weekend. Most players will play this fine, but you never know when one may choke.


I used anydvd and clonedvd with no problems. You should do a search there are at least 2 other threads about Freedomland. Maybe that would help you!


no it works fine…plays fine…all ok, but the output is not to dvd spec as I show above; this has nothing to do with getting a working copy, you mis-understand…I changed it via pgcedit, but the first cell should NOT be as I posted…BTW if you rip via DVD Decryptor with Accrros plugin it makes the first cell as it should be.


my best guess would be that this morning’s anydvd update was issued to deal with this movie (since there has been a lot of uproar about it) but you’d have to try it to be sure since I don’t have this movie nor do I use PGC Edit.

I haven’t seen anyone mention anything about the results not being to dvd spec, but that’s not really a common complaint on the forums…for most people, if it plays, it’s good.

you’re probably going to have to wait until you get home to test it


yah you are right…I have 4 players and they all played fine…I will be curious to test later on Monday. I bet 99.9% of players will play fine, but the folks at slysoft are so good about making it all perfect I thought I would bring it up. This did come up at doom forums when I just checked:

see posts 124 and 125, but this was an older version of anydvd.

again these are just my observations, I can fix it myself if new version does not


Correct. The first cell of a PGC must have a cell type flag 2 to be in dvd-spec. The players that play fine is because it is lenient on this flag and it’s the first cell. Try changing to this flag in the middle cells and you’ll notice a pause in playback for some players.


and i thought i was picky with my disc quality scans :stuck_out_tongue:


well…here at the cottage and on the toshiba 4800 (pretty old) there is a definite pause at the start…the “fixed” version loads up right away…same holds true for the kids’ crummy polaroid portable…no biggee but interesting…


is that using the new anydvd version? or the the one you ripped prebiously with one of the older versions?


Thank you for letting me know. I will look into this issue.


No honey, AnyDVD has not been updated because of a new Arccos protection since version, the automatic Arccos removal worked fine on all discs since then.

I haven’t noticed any problems either, and discs copied with AnyDVD/CloneDVD usually play much better than the Sony protected originals. Sony usually destroys the DVD structure so the original discs violate the DVD specs, not because of the protection, but because they are unable to get the Arccos authoring software right which adds the protection to the pre-authored disc. I have yet to see an Arccos protected disc which does not violate the specs.

But I will look into this issue.


ahh that makes sense. so if ron spencer checked the cell value on the original disc it would probably be wrong as well correct?

sony should thank you guys for fixing all their mistakes for them :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m tempted to write to sony to tell them that their dvds aren’t really dvds…


@ ron spencer

So they don’t have to go hunting through the thread you posted like I did.


Don’t know but I don’t think so. The problem is that AnyDVD cuts off the cells at the beginning of an Arccos protected disc since version, but does not set the flags correctly for the new start cell. So ron spencer is right, this is a bug in AnyDVD.
But if ron spencer checks an Arccos protected original disc, he will probably find many other, much more severe violations of the DVD specification.

To quote Jean Luc Picard: “Make it so!” :bigsmile: But I don’t believe this would change anything.


@ron spencer:
I checked and you are right. I have fixed this problem for the next release.


thanks james…to be honest this is only a semi-bug as, if you check out the doom posts I refer to, and that linx05 so nicely posted better than I, that:

Quote from the link:

"Neither Philips nor Interra verifier will complain if the first cell of a PGC is flagged as seamless "

so this is a VERY SMALL issue…but I appreciate the fact that you want your program to be as perfect as it can be, so I will check out the new version with a sony M-DVD (messed-DVD :wink: ) when you post it.

this attention to detail by your company only furthers its standing in this community



@ ron spencer,

I am quite sure that SlySoft (James) appreciates the cool and civil manner that you brought the “out of spec bug” problem to their attention. It is very refreshing to see a Forum Member display a friendly cordial attitude concerning “flaws” with the SlySoft software programs.

Some Forum Members have a “Chip On Their Shoulder” and a “Combative Attitude” when a “Flaw” in SlySoft software program is revealed.

In my book SlySoft/Elaborate Bytes jump through hoops in ensure that their software products perform flawlessly.

Best Regards,


thanks for the kind words…will have to check new version soon on this!!!

yes this company is good…very, very good


Ditto that… SlySoft sets the bar high!