AnyDVD and DVD Rebuilder

I’m no rocket Scientist Alan1476, but he was just updating his new way as the title says AnyDVD and DVD Rebuilder. :doh: :bigsmile:

I belive this person was referring/updating to their post #11 if you look back to it.

wow i think this is just my solution to my “best single layer backup question” I guess i need to start ripping to harddrive with Clonedvd2 (dvd9) removing anything i dont want, then using DVD-RB to compress it. Now i do have a question, i keep hearking about CCE, and all this other stuff added on to DVD-RB…if i have an unencrypted iso do i need anything besides dvd-rb.

If not im off to buy DVD-RB, and start making so really decent single layer backups…btw how many passes do i need to do…Im viewing on a 32inch Flatscreen Sony trinatron thast like 10 years old LOL

Ah, ok Rolling56, I see it now, thanks. I mean’t no disrespect but these AnyDVD thread have been going way off-topic lately and I wanted to politely let people know that keeping threads on topic will be appreciated.:clap:

For those who don’t have CloneDVD and don’t intend to buy it, you can use the free VOBBlanker instead of CloneDVD. You’ll achieve the same desired effect. In fact, you’ll have more control over what you can do.

So basically, you’ll rip using VOBBlanker and AnyDVD (blanking everything you don’t want), then run those files thru DVDRebuilder.

I LOVE DVD-RB-PRO. Here is the place to talk about that software to your hearts content!:

Just fyi, this is my method:

For Single Layer DVD Burns

  1. AnyDVD to rip to HD and to remove all copy protection etc
  2. MenuShrink to, well, Shrink Menus <grin> can save 100MB to1 gig of space!
  3. FixVTS to remove unwanted cells, fix stuff etc
  4. DVD-RB-Pro (DVD Rebuilder) usin HC encoder to make ISO image
  5. ImgBurn to BURN DVD

For Dual Layer DVD Burns

  1. AnyDVD to rip to HD and to remove all copy protection etc
  2. FixVTS to remove unwanted cells, fix stuff etc (may not be necessary, but I do it anyway)
  3. ImgBurn to BURN DVD from HD to DL DVD (ImgBurn finds the best layer break for you - see the FAQ for details)

@ BuddTX,
So you just leave in any movie trailers, adverts, studio logos, and warnings?
Wouldn’t you rather remove those as well before using DVDRebuilder?


No, I use both these AnyDVD features:

  • Remove Annoying Averts and Trailers
  • Jump Directly to main movie

And for really action pacted, high dollar production dvds, I will make a seperate “movie only” dvd.

AnyDVDs ‘Remove Annoying Adverts and Trailers’ doesn’t physically remove them, but just changes the first-play command to by-pass them , never to be able to be called up on the back-up. But it’s still there and affects your compression.

MDK - are you certain of that? Even if copied to file with CloneDVD2, the adverts are still there?

no if you chose to omit them using clonedvd2 copy title mode they will not be their

You can also choose to remove the annoying adverts etc with DVD Rebuilder. But I mostly do all that with PgcEdit and VobBlanker before it even goes near DVD-Rebuilder.

I was referring to BuddTX regarding him using the feature using AnyDVD’s ‘Remove Annoying Averts and Trailers’. If you use CloneDVD or VOBBlanker to physically remove these titlesets, that’s a different story.
I’m pretty sure that AnyDVD scans and alters only the IFOs to do it’s ‘magic’ and does not physically alter the VOBs, whereas programs like Blanker, PGCEdit, CloneDVD, etc…[B]does[/B] physically alter the VOBs themselves, removing what you command it to.

If you have the Pro version.

Agree with you 100% Bro.