AnyDVD and DVD Rebuilder

I’m a long-time user of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, but I’d like to give DVD Rebuilder a try.

Can I simply have AnyDVD run in the background and let Rebuilder do it’s thing? Would that take care the copy protections only, or would it also do all the other AnyDVD magic (like adverts and trailers, RPC, etc, etc)

Or should I rip the movie to disk first with AnyDVD Ripper? Does that also take care of all the protections, autorun, UPOs, trailers, etc? I’d love to hear from anyone who’s used both programs about how best to proceed.

I read that the creator of DVD Rebuilder doesn’t recommend processing of the video by other programs - results might be unexpected… Of course, you still have to get the movie in readable form with some sort of copy protection bypass - is AnyDVD the best tool for this?

Thanks in advance! I’ll post back with my experience.

My guess would be yes. I know many people that love Rebuilder they use it with CCE Pro and swear by its great results, the only thing about it is the the time it takes, ( 2 or more passes) but as for decrypting I think AnyDVD would be a great choice.

I wouldn’t recommend it. You’re going to wear down your DVD drive quickly. Do you want Rebuilder to access your drive for several hours for all 3 phases? Let us know how it goes if you’re doing it.

As an avid user of both, at least until recently when DL discs became cheaper in my area, I can say that AnyDVD works great for DVD-RB. HOWEVER, I have to echo the advice against allowing it to access the DVD directly for the simple wear and tear argument. It’ll work, sure, but, is it good for the disc or the drive? Probably not. Just copy it to the hard drive first. What I was doing was using CloneDVD and ripping out the ads and stuff I didn’t want but using the DL mode so that no compression was used. I would output it to the hard drive and allow DVD-RB to compress that. That was the sweetest thing on earth until I switched to DL discs.

Good advice SamuriHL, I just assumed he was decrypting it to the HD first then using rebuilder. You are right about the wear and tear argument, I really don’t use rebuilder that much as I am a Slysoft kind of guy.

Well, with the advent of cheap(er) DL discs, I haven’t found the need to use it recently. CloneDVD and CloneCD work great for me. There are some movies I want an exact duplicate of and I use CloneCD for that as it keeps the layer break. CloneDVD works on movies where I want to rip trailers and crap but keep it on a DL so as not to have to compress it. This way I get the extra features in tact, the full quality of the movie, and no annoying ads. Best of all worlds if you ask me. :slight_smile: And then there’s some movies that’ll fit on an SL discs with very little compression. Those rock. :slight_smile: CloneDVD is all over that. So, yea, I’m a “slysoft guy” myself these days. But it’s nice to know DVD-RB is still there if I need it. I definitely don’t regret investing in it. The author deserves the money for sure.

Thanks to all.

I didn’t realize DVD Rebuilder accessed the disc after the initial “preparation” - I thought that was the ripping process. It’s chugging away right now… :doh:

Later I’ll rip the main movie to disk using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 in DVD-9 mode to remove the junk, then run DVD Rebuilder on the files.

So far, so good. I love AnyDVD!! :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Yup, you made some good choices in software there. :slight_smile: And yea, using CloneDVD as the “ripper” is an awesome use of your investments. It works REALLY well.

I can also recommend the use of CloneDVD2 as a ripper in DVD-R DL mode. I use DVD Shrink to compress my movies due to its Deep Analysis and AEC options, but I wanted to be able to actually remove the studio logos, trailers, and extras I didn’t want, rather than waste space by replacing the frames with a placeholder as Shrink does. So, I use CloneDVD2 to rip, Vobblanker/DVD Remake to clean up whatever CloneDVD2 doesn’t get (ads/trailers in the menu structure usually) and Shrink to “shrink”. In fact, CloneDVD2 is actually a better ripper than DVD Decrypter for me because it is faster. You only rip the video titles and audio tracks you need so it goes much faster than DVDD and the UI is dead easy. While DVD Decrypter will do this in IFO mode, it’s more complex to use and will not, to my knowledge, allow you to rip only some chapters. For very long movies I like to skip the credits as it often can provide another 300-500 MB of much needed space.

However, I can’t say I came up with the idea to use CloneDVD2 as the ripper myself. I have to thank Tru and Reasons for that.

It works great!

Used AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 to rip “LOTR: Return of the King” main title only, preserving menus for scene selection, in DVD-9 DL mode to the hard drive. Then ran DVD Rebuilder on the VIDEO_TS folder and burned with ImgBurn to a DVD-5.

Man, the quality is simply unbelievable! I don’t think I can tell the difference from the DL original - honestly! So, I’ll use the AnyDVD, CloneDVD, DVD Rebuilder combo from now on for any main title over about 1:45 or so (or CloneDVD quality of less than, say, 80%).

Yay!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input!

I am also a ANYDVD and DVD-RB-PRO user!


I learned two AWESOME things from this thread!

If I want to make a DL copy just rip with AnyDVD and use CloneDVD or CloneCD as it keeps the layerbreak! I am not clear as to which one to use, but as I own both, I will try for myself what option works better.

Also, while I really like using the advanced yet time consuming re-encode feature of DVD-RB-PRO, I have liked some of the advanced editing that is in CloneDVD. So, I can now use CloneDVD to get rid of more “junk” before using DVD-RB-PRO!


if you want to keep the layer brake in the same place use clonecd

BuddTX & bobat -

If using AnyDVD-CloneDVD you can use CloneDVD to edit out the stuff you don’t want in your backup copy and then use IMGBurn v2.0.0.0 to burn to quality DL Media (Verbatim).

The new version of IMGBurn v2.0.0.0 will compute the best location for DL layer break and also gives you various options in selecting the placement of the layer break. Below is a CD Freaks posting that contains information on the various DVD Media Burning options.


Can you explain the importance of wanting to keep the layer break please? Why does CloneDVD2 not have that yet Clone CD does?

This has been discussed in depth in the forum so if you want a deeper answer than what I’m about to give, do a search and you’ll find plentiful discussions on the topic. Some people prefer the original layer break…meaning where the studio put the layer break on the original DVD. On players such as my Sony, it makes a difference where it is only because it takes for-freaking-ever to switch layers, causing a pause in the video as a result. In essense I lose anywhere from 1-10 seconds of video when my player switches layers. That’s not typical, however. Most players you won’t even notice the layer break.

So, CloneCD makes a 1:1 copy of a DVD(more or less…obviously AnyDVD has to be running in the background and it removes the copy protection), thus, the original layer break is kept. CloneDVD works on the files of the DVD and remasters them so it is not possible to keep the layer break with CloneDVD. CloneDVD therefore makes a new layer break position and we’ve been told it tries to be smart about it. (No, I don’t know exactly what that means). I can honestly say that the discs I’ve done with CloneDVD have come out fine and the layer break is fine.

In any case, it depends on what your goal is. I like the CloneDVD option so I can remove annoying trailers and stuff. This option changes the layer break. Whatever. Those that want an “exact” duplicate of the original choose to use CloneCD.

Just an additional note:
CloneCD (and to my knowledge other programs, too) can only keep the original layer break position with DVD+R DL media, not DVD-R DL media.

Ah, yes, that’s a very good point. DVD-R DL media does not support that concept as far as I know. I personally have no experience with -R DL…I’m not a big fan of -R media to begin with.

thanks for a great explanation :bow:

Update, I use ImgBurn to make backups of any DVD that I want to use a DVD+R DL. (see link below for detailed instructions!)

Creating a double layer ISO on your hard drive using ImgBurn

Thanks for this BuddTX, but what does this have to do with AnyDVD. I am a liitle puzzeled. This is the AnyDVD Forum.:iagree: