AnyDVD and DVD Clone2 Freezing up



I have downloaded the trial copies of Anydvd and DVD Clone2. I used DVD Clone2 alone and it worked fine but then it wouldn’t copy The Forgotten so I DL AnyDvd and if I have both of them open at the same time DVD Clone2 freezes up on me. I was able to copy The Forgotten using AnyDvd and DVD XCopy Express. Do any of you use AnyDvd w/DVD Clone2 ?
Thanks, Val


Most of us do it with no probs at all!
Which versions have you got?


Remove/reload CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Download the latest version from the website.

Launch AnyDVD. Insert movie and wait for AnyDVD to detect movie. Now launch CloneDVD.


I have the same problem with The Forgotten. AnyDVD with either CloneDVD or ShrinkDVD and it hangs.


@ Charade

Update anydvd & clonedvd to the latest version.


I’ve had the same problem.It freezes up about 20% of the time while writing.I have version of AnyDVD and of CloneDVD2.


Dizzy there is a newer version of clonedvd out,, try this one.


Just installed AnyDVD and Clone and now it copies. I have but haven’t installed it yet.