anyDVD and cloneDVD work but

Hi I’ve been reading a lot on this forum and decided to download the trial version of both and did a rip of Core to see how things would work. I have tried many different programs and hardware and this seems to work. Ok I use a generic dve rw +/- drive which burns at about 4x max. That’s not the problem. I ripped one in - and one in + and still seem to have the same problem which is the movie will play in my laptop, desktop, and a goldstar dvd/vcr combo player but will not play on my husbands laptop or on the Panasonic dvd-rc 32 player. Is there something else I should do in the setup with either anyDVD or cloneDVD? My husband’s laptop is the same as mine except I have a DVD burner and his only has a cd burner. I’ve even transferred a DVD to a DVD+rw and no go on the same two. If anyone has a suggestion pleases post. Thanks. :doh:

I hate pointing out the obvious, but, um, see bolded text above for reason his laptop can’t read DVD’s.

A cd burner doesnt necessarily mean that it doesnt play dvds. It could be a dvd cd/rw. I have one in my secondary computer and it plays dvds just fine. I would have to know a little bit more about the computer cd burner to make an accurate decision. But with regards to the Panasonic dvd-rc 32 player. Alot of older standalones will not play burnt media, because the structure of the dvd is different on burnt media than hollywood media. It should be written somewhere in the paper work that came with your player as to what it will sucessfully run. Check it out and give us a progress report. Good luck

i don’t know if your burner allows you to booktype +r media to dvd-rom but you can look in the optical drives section in this forum to check it out.

Booktype could maybe help in case of the standalone player, but is the other drive a cd/dvd combo or only a cd burner?

Oh I did leave out that my husbands laptop does have a dvd/cd burner combo drive in it. Not so obvious.

Thank you for not assuming I a complete idiot. I will check into this about the panasonic. I’ll check back later.

Didn’t mean any disrespect, but, yes, you did leave that part out and yes, there are users out there that would make that mistake. What is the exact make and model of the DVD/CD drive so we can find out what it can and can’t read?