I downlded AnyDVD (Fox is in the Task Bar). I downloded CLONE DVD2 2.8.02. I put DVD (The Blues Bros.) in my DVD E: Drive. Click Copy DVD Titles. Hit next. DVD Files I brose and find E:/VIDEO_TS. There is one check mark in 01 2:27:36 48 AC3/6EN. In the Preview windo which is black with green lettering: directory not found: E:/VIDEO_TS [OSUtillo[WString]]. Audeo subtitles Settings. I uncheck Spanish & French on the left box. A message pops up with sound “OH NO”. Creationof DVD files was not sucessful. Directory not found E:/VIDEO_TS. Details OSUtillo[WString]TCE. The Clone DVD option does the same thing. I have a Dell w/Windows XP Home Edition. I also have Nero 6 Ultra Edition and Roxeo Creator 7. I can view the DVD from the same E: Drive with Power DVD 6. Hope you can help me. If you are in the US I can call you if it’s ok.
Thank you,
Joe Pecoraro (Bronx, NY)

it may be better if you didn’t give out your email address, as you may get even more spam etc.