AnyDVD and Clone DVD not letting rip CSS DVD

I have the trial versions of both CloneDVD 1.3.11 (or something alike, I just know its the last version) and AnyDVD I was trying to backup a CSS encrypted DVD. Opened the DVD with Clone DVD (AnyDVD already applied), removed whatever I didn’t want from the DVD (extras, etc.), and in the middle of the ripping process, Clone DVD stopped with a message that the DVD was a CSS protected DVD. What may be happening?:confused:

Revert back to AnyDVD and see if that fixes the problem (it did for me). SlySoft is aware of this problem with version and they are working on a fix.

I also have with backing up my new dvds. It kees locking up in the middle. This has been a constant problem with any new dvds. I have tried with dvd decryptor snd dvd shrink. I would like to know if there is anyway I can do this with clonedvd and any dvd. Can someone please help me

siglin83 -

Why would you revive a Forum Thread that is 3 years old ?

Suggest reviewing the AnyDVD Forum “Read First” posting titled “New posters with ripping/burning problems” ( and note the information requested in that posting and then open a posting specifically addressing your particular problem and provide all the pertinent information in that posting.


I didn’t see the date posted thanks for pointing that out.

Hi siglin83, I am going to close this thread because it is going to mix people up thinking you still have those old versions on your your computer, make a new thread with your question and lpease post what versions of CloneDVD2 and AvyDVD you have.