Anydvd and clondvd2 problems

I have installed anydvd and clonedvd2 free 21 day trial, 3 times now with no success.Each time i have installed i have restarted my pc.I open anydvd and change region to 4,when i place my cursor over fox icon in tray and right click,i tick enable anydvd and autostart.i then proceed to clonedvd2, get as far as browse, select the d drive for my Aopen duw 1616 dl, i then get the error message that staes the dvd is copyright protected.Since the demise of dvd shrink and dvd decryptor, iam very eager to find good software to replace. iam already down to 14 days left of free trial, do not want to buy with out first seeing how the product works.i have read the guides by madbob @ cdfreaks, as well as comcast.These guides are very good very straight forward. So if someone could please help me, this would be greatly appreciated.

:cop: AnyDVD must be enabled in your tray…Also FYI AnyDVD will work with DVD decrypter and Shrink very well thus giving these programs new life…also found it worked well with my old 321 studios DVD X Copy Platinum :bow: