AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD-BR prices?



I recently went to slysoft site and found that rather then having a straight out purchase of Anydvd HD-BR they have instead they have the HD option? Was there a marketing change from previously of AnyDVD HD of 79 US$?


The 79.00 is for the standard and the HD/BD. I think if you just want the classic anydvd you can still get that at 49.00?


Under buy click on hd option. It adds 18.21 to price making the total bundle $119.00


I got it figure out now its just that they way they have it on the web site is just was confusing when I first looked at it.


They should’ve explained it better on the website the pricing arrangement for AnyDVD HD and the price for the regular AnyDVD program.

Other than that, once I saw how they did it, I purchased the update for my regular AnyDVD program to AnyDVD HD.