I was wondering if ANYDVD is planning to support AACS-Advanced Access Content System. If so when we can except this feature to be Integrated in ANYDVD.

Players are coming out sometime later this year

So how long we have to wait before we can override AACS. If supported.

They will probably wait till the release of the player and videos. as they have nothing to work on right now I think. Plus right now the movies will run you about 70 - 80 USD. I hate to see the release first price of the players. Another thing is there is only 7 titles that are being released at the moment with just 3 more in the next month, and needless to say the HD-DVD vs. Blue Ray. This has been discussed already and the best thing to do is not run out and buy a player and DVD’s but just sit and wait, Reasonablrules or someone may be able to clarify more. :bigsmile:

What makes you say that this new form of copy protection will be easily cracked - I don’t think it will, if ever… We are not talking about CSS here, we are talking about a high level of encryption, and even if you were to successfuly defeat this protection you will render your drive uselesss because the players are programmed to stop working when it detects a compromised disc - so how would AnyDVD pull this off beats me. Also unlike CSS, the new drives will keep a database and feature a blacklist option. In my opinion the only way possible would be to use a hacked firmware on the new players (not just a firmware hack but a chip replacement).

I don’t think AACS will be that easy to crack !

  • >$25 for blank disc

And your point being ? :slight_smile: It was much the same for blank DVDs too. It will take a year or two and those things will probably cost 50 cents a pop, once blank DVD media will be phased out and no longer sold :smiley:

I guess you’ll have people shrinking HD movies into a DVD :smiley:

It has been more than a year or two on DL media and it still cost at the least about $2 a piece. We have no ideal what is going to happen until it is the media of coice by the user that was forced into the change when that comes. This is my opinion and knowlege not saying I’m right and you’re wrong just my view point. :doh:

my point???
my point is simple
first of all I doubt that the compnies will ever give away 50gb+ storage capacity for 50cents regardless of the fact how cheap blank dvd media is right now
I dont think a single blank DVD cost +>$25 initially
Majority are not going to buy HD movies at +>$30? and then back them up for +>$25 more.
Hd dvd have a tuff time ahead of it
could easily die out in spite of being a superior technology
HD players will start at +>$500-1000

when dvd came out dvd players started at +>$1000, (i even bought a sony 7000 for that much)
there was a snow ball effect of people buying and prices of players and movies both fell. in addition dvd had no competion to speak of other than the low tech vcr, hardly anyone had laser disk
here hd will have to fight for its life against dvd which is really good enough for more than+>90% of the masses. Its good enough for both you and me
I dont see majority people cluncking down $3000 for a new HD tv and even another $500 for a player and god knows how much for the movies

If dvd hardware and software were to cease production totally in one fell swoop then maybe HD would have a chance
but that’s not gonna happen :bigsmile:

It wouldn’t be very easy to handle this protection, i guess one of the methods could be only a hardware solution.

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Perchance maybe SlySoft (James)has already answered this question in posting #10 & #19 in the below Forum posting sometime ago.

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