AnyDVD affects computer screen resolution

System specs
ECS M/B, 1GB ram, P4 2.66
Chaintech SLV3 AGP 128MB,
2 Lite-on SOHW
XP Home

Everytime AnyDVD starts (auto start) the screen resolution is changed from whatever is set to 640 x 480 8 bit. Running AnyDVD in safe mode doesn’t change anything.

Have tried so far:
Remove and completely reinstall AnyDVD (no change)
remove and replace Graphics drivers (no change)
Turn off all startup programs in msconfig except AnyDVD (problem remains)
Turn off Anydvd auto start in ANyDVD (problem not present)
Complete Virus, and multiple spyware scans (clean)
Manual start of AnyDVD (problem repeats) then exit AnyDVD (problem does away)

Any Ideas what to try next?


If this is from SlySoft and you have a copy of your emails with them, I would contact SlySoft support…

I for one don’t believe the anydvd program is affecting your resolution as that is a whole different driver.

It doesn’t change my screens resolution :confused:

Have you tried to click “Default” on AnyDVD settings?

Due to the title of your post I don’t understand what you mean as the title states it does mess up.

Dr Who…What?

I am not the thread starter, I just replied that I have Any DVD and it doesn’t do that to my computer.

I know it seems strange but it is real. I also have AnyDVD (from Slysoft) on other computers with no similar issues. Also upgraded the DVD drive firmware tonight and flashed M/B BIOS (problem remains). It’s not a one time issue either, it is completely repeatable.

Any ideas out there?

i would say it’s your Chaintech SLV3 AGP 128MB…here’s a review from newegg As another user pointed out I tried XGI and Chaintech latest driver both don’t work under Win XP w/ SP2. System keep on saying the driver is for last generation OS then screw up the screen…try to switch the video card with another and see if it works .