Anydvd and clonedvd 2 make unplayable disc

so i got these two after my dvd x copy platinum said it couldn’t crack CSS on pineapple express, it was after i cracked the trial that this happens…

i have 30 dvds that aren’t playable in anything and my computer will not recognize the DVD or just say it’s blank and then not be able to record on it, visibly there is data on the disc but i cannot tell in any device that anything is on there, it’s not my media i’ve used DVD shrink to combine some other dvds and they work great (hp dvd-r 16x)

there’s something with anydvd and clone dvd together that Freaks up my shizz and I want to know why so i don’t have to use dvd shrink

I used default settings on anydvd and I just ripped the main titles on all the dvds with clone dvd, I’m almost positive it’s anydvd because it has more settings than clone dvd but clone dvd is the program that writes the disc – everytime the log says it burned successful, plus there are no other burning options for clonedvd that would make it unplayable or unrecognizable to the computer.

any dvd + dvd Decrypter (since band of brothers gives read errors) works fine and any dvd + dvd shrink works fine even with my current anydvd that’s cracked

could my registry info be messing up the operation of my program? should i just go back to resetting the trial on anydvd, that worked for pineapple express, running with scissors and the austin powers trilogy…

i had skip to movie title but i noticed that’s messes up dvds so i took it off and that didn’t help

oh and why does dvd x copy always give me hell about CSS, it’s never done that until i got anydvd- and yes i tried copying an older movie with it and it still had a cow + it doesn’t care if anydvd is running it still gives me crap about CSS encryption

help plz

By saying this (current anydvd that’s cracked) I assume you did not pay for them and if that is the case we will not help you

oh no i had the trial reset and then i just bought my serial. Doooode

Then you should not be having a problem I would contact slysoft. The only thing I could see that might be causing you a problem is you have clonedvd set to a write speed that is two high.


also why have you not downloaded the latest version of anydvd? What version of clonedvd are you using?

my clonedvd temp folder is empty, just found this out, or does it delete automatically?

uninstall both AD and Cdvd
install latest versions of both from SS site
apply your reg keys
rock and roll dude:bigsmile:

most likey the cracks you initially applied have damaged the files, so that the reg keys don’t work;)