AnyDVD HD BETA Discussion Thread

Safe to try for everyone: 2008 09 23

  • New (DVD): Added support for new protections, e.g.:
    “Leatherheads”, US
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

using with Clonedvd Leatherheads" still shows credits twice at begining of film and dvdshrink is unable to see the rip

After ripping with AnyDVD, I had the same problem with Clonedvd, dvdshrink and nero recode. Would end up after burning with 2 folders 1 said leatherheads and it was first and empty second folder contained the movie, so no playback on stand alone player. I did use a different sw for ripping and burning correctly.

back to the drawing board for SS or have they met their match??

I copied this movie (movie only, preserving menus) with AnyDVD6.4.7.0 and Clone DVD last week. No problems with the playback.

I assume would yield similiar results.