Anydvd Beta discussion thread 2008 03 13

  • New (DVD): Added support for a new type of structural protection as
    found on “Lissi und der wilde Kaiser”, R2, Germany
  • New (DVD): Added support for a new type of structural protection as
    found on “30 Days of Night”, R2, Germany
  • New (DVD): Added support for a new type of structural protection as
    found on “Wächter des Tages (Dnevnoy dozor)”, R2, Germany

I keep hoping that one of these new releases will have some exciting BD news for us HD users, but, the last several releases have all been DVD related. Ah well. I know they’re working on it. Just a matter of time. Good to see them update the DVD stuff constantly, though. Far more DVD users than there are HD users out there.

All good things come to those who wait, right SamuriHL? I guess we don’t have much choice, I think its been reported that they are working on it so it should just be a matter of time. I look at it as something to look forward to.:slight_smile:

Believe me, I’m well aware that it’s a waiting game. They are indeed working on it. I can’t wait. But, we don’t really have a choice. Patience will bring great rewards.

Well, you pays your E79 and takes yer chances.


[QUOTE=blutach;2018941]Well, you pays your E79 and takes yer chances.


In the meantime the software does a great job with SD DVDs, HD-DVDs and non-[U]BD+[/U] BDs. Considering no one else has demonstrated that they can handle [U]MKBv4[/U] then I’d say that right there is a rather large selling point especially when the amount of [U]BD+[/U] discs is in the minority at this time. :slight_smile:

[quote=blutach;2018941]Well, you pays your E79 and takes yer chances.


And the alternative product that will handle mkb v4 and bd+ is… ? And how much does that cost? Oh, right, nothing…cause there isn’t one.

In which case, the E49 package, to me anyway, looks better value - especially considering HD-DVDs lost the format war.

And, I suspect that SONY, after taking such a bath with ARccOS in SD-DVD, will roll out BD+ as soon as they can. They need a victory.

Anyway, what’s happened to this subforum here? It is as dead as a doornail, now - maybe a post a week (and yes, I am aware of the migration to SS’s own forum but that shouldn’t mean that the Any DVD forum here should be so dead).


There haven’t been a lot of titles that AnyDVD hasn’t worked with lately. There’s obviously been a few, hence the updates, but, other than BD+ which is being worked on, there’s really not much going on with it these days other than it simply working. I would tend to think this is a good thing that they’ve finally got to this stage in the game. MKB v4 titles are taken care of on the HD front, so, again no issues there, either. The only thing we’re really waiting for at this point is BD+ which should hopefully be soon. So far only Fox has adopted BD+ on their titles. Not even Sony has used it yet. So, it’s not a majorly critical issue but there will come a time soon that it becomes a problem. Some people think we may have hit that situation with Hitman Blu-ray release. I haven’t tested ripping it and playing it back in PowerDVD 3319a yet, but, that’s generally been the way to go for BD+ protected titles. Profile 1.1 may throw a wrinkle into that situation, so, we’ll have to see how it goes.

When the program works almost perfectly there wont be much to post about. Its worth every dime and more. It might be slow here but look at some other forums, they are really slow. We will prosper here and looking everyday to improve the forums. :slight_smile:

Yes it is indeed slow almost on ever forum there is no new protections being entered in society.

off topic sorry :flower:

@Dr.Who those are some nice pc parts you have there :slight_smile:

[quote=blutach;2018941]Well, you pays your E79 and takes yer chances.

Now its worth every dime , big time release, BD+ is history.:clap: It was worth every dime before this.