AnyDVD Help File/Manual



AnyDVD Help File/Manual

Does anyone know if there will be a “Help” file for AnyDVD similar to the Help file that is in CloneDVD2 and CloneCD.

“CloneDVD & AnyDVD Guide by MadBob” updated on April 28th 2006 is very comprehensive. Perhaps he will update it for v6.1.2.5 ( or is it updated someplace already )

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System Requirements:

  • IBM compatible personal computer with a 500 MHz Pentium-Class Microprocessor.
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP with 64 MB RAM.
  • Harddisk space needed: 1 MB
  • You must be Administrator to install AnyDVD.

Before you install AnyDVD make sure that you are logged on as Administrator or have Administrator rights. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation in some seconds. Please restart your computer after the installation. On your Desktop you can now find the AnyDVD Icon, in the Task Bar you can see the AnyDVD Tray Icon.

AnyDVD is a filter driver and is running invisibly on your computer. You only need to insert a CSS and/or Region Code protected DVD into your DVD-Rom drive. Everything else is done by AnyDVD independently. AnyDVD removes automatically CSS and RPC transparently from your computer, while watching or copying. You do NOT need to save the content of your DVD on the harddisk.

The only thing you have to take a look at is that AnyDVD is started and activated. After the installation this is done by default. In the case you cannot see the Tray Icon in the Taskbar, AnyDVD is not started!

Desktop Icon: With a double click on the Desktop Icon you start AnyDVD, the Tray Icon appears in the Taskbar.

Tray Icon menu:

  • Enable AnyDVD: AnyDVD has to be enabled to work.
  • Settings…: Here you can specify various settings.

Region Code: Usually you do not need this function. The needed Region Code is always automatically adapted. But there are special cases (especially with US American DVDs) where the automatic selection doesn’t work. If this is the case, please look for the Region Code on you package and insert it here.
Feature Removal: You can remove certain features, like Region Code, Analog Protection and User prohibited Operations (like forced Subtitles)

Help…: Here you can load this help file.
SlySoft Website…: With one click you will visit the developers website.

  • Autostart: If Autostart is enabled, AnyDVD will start with every booting. If Autostart is not activated, you can start AnyDVD any time with a double click on the Desktop Icon.
    Exit: This is to exit AnyDVD, if this should be necessary in isolated cases.


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