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AnyDVD History 2007 02 18

  • Fix: HD DVD / AACS decryption did not work on 64bit OS
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

Just upgraded my AnyDVD to AnyDVD HD :slight_smile:

Now i am waiting for my XBox360 HD-DVD Player :bigsmile:

Hello Slysoft,i hope i get a special Price when i buy the BlueRay Version to :flower:

greetz Kirby


Sorry for the new topic :o :doh:

Apparently, there’s an unlisted feature of Anydvd HD. It also "allows one to display the output of your HD capable video card on multiple monitors.

With an ATI X1600 I have successfully displayed HD movies on both my desktop and HDTV simaltaniusly through DVI-D (desktop) and VGA (TV) using PowerDVD Ultra. Before AnyDVD/HD this could not be done and the docs for PowerDVD Ultra state that the second monitor need’s to be disabled to watch a HD-DVD (I confirmed this prior to installing AnyDVD/HD).

Three cheers to James and company for this unlisted feature"–wdgoldstein


Didn’t they release Anydvd

Yeah, but then they released

I deleted a bad post…sorry.

when i install or even the it doesn’t recognize any of my DVD drives. Do i need to have a HD-DVD drive?

i am ok with

anybody have a suggestions?

thanks in advance

no, the HD part will only become active if you have a HD key