AnyDVD (beta)

Everybody is invited to test this beta:

The “Saw III (R1)” issue has not been addressed, I am waiting for my original disc to arrive.
From customer reports:
You can copy “Saw III (R1)” full disc with CloneDVD2 when deselecting the “bogus” titles.
You can copy “Saw III (R1)” movie with CloneDVD2 when deselecting with or without menus.

If you want to use another compression program, use CloneDVD2 to rip to harddisk (select DVD-DL as output size, so CloneDVD will not compress). 2007 01 24

  • New: Added support for new versions of the SONY Arccos protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: Added workaround for some drives (e.g. TSSTCORP DVD-ROM
    SH-D162C) where disc insertion was not always correctly detected
    by AnyDVD and decryption would not work.
  • New: Added UDF 2.5 support to the UDF parser.
  • New: AnyDVD status window shows larger volume names
  • New: Recognizes HD-DVD video discs and correctly displays
    HD-DVD volume names
  • Fix: Removing Sony Arccos at the end of a title did sometimes
    caused a “Navigation Pack error” or could cause the title to
    disappear completely in elby CloneDVD.
  • Fix: Short titles with read errors (Arccos) at the end of the file
    were not handled correctly (e.g., special features in “Mirrormask”,
  • Fix: Bug introduced in, disc recognition did not work
  • Fix: Bug introduced in, driver could switch into safe mode
    without reason
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

Thanks James Will try it soon.

Thanks! I’ll definitely grab this when I get home.

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Well done again slysoft team. :clap: :bow: :iagree: :cool: :bigsmile:

Thankyou James, you are on top of things as usual , I am trying it now.:clap:

Thanks James! SlySoft you are Magic!

Perfect backup using this method ( Full Disc )

You can copy “Saw III (R1)” full disc with CloneDVD2 when deselecting the “bogus” titles.

really hope another version comes out soon that fixes this issue so we can rip straight to the hd without using yet another program. i am thinking about buying AnyDVD, but really have no used for CloneDVD.

As soon as Slysoft obtains this disc we’ll see a fix for AnyDVD. Now, you have to decide whether CloneDVD is useful to you or not, but, a lot of people use CloneDVD as a program to strictly rip the movies to the hard drive and use other programs for compression. The reason for this is that CloneDVD tends to fix the DVD structure so that programs like DVD Shrink or DVD-RB can work with them without problems. In this regard CloneDVD has value, but, you have to decide whether you’d pay for that value. Up until this particular title, most of us haven’t had any real problems ripping titles with the CloneDVD/AnyDVD combination. And you can bet Slysoft will get an update out soon that fixes the problem. Even without an update, if you unselect the offending titlesets in CloneDVD you can make a perfect backup with no problems. Using this method, if you change the output to DVD DL you can clean up the DVD structure so you can compress it with the program of your choice. CloneDVD has a 21 day trial if you wish to test it out.

Also SamuriHL to be specific CloneDVD2 is the best ripper to use with anydvd as they were made together or for each other.

I definitely agree with that. Hence why I own AnyDVD, CloneDVD, and CloneCD. :slight_smile: That combination almost never fails me. This Saw3 disc is very unique in that Slysoft didn’t get an update out in their usual couple of hours. That simply means that they upped the ante with this particular copy protection. It probably took the studios uber bucks to do it, too. And when James receives this disc, it’ll take him a few hours at most to analyze it and come up with a fix for AnyDVD. :smiley: In any case, even without the update, we’re STILL able to back this title up quite well just by unselecting the junk in CloneDVD and having at it. IMO, there is no better ripping combination than CloneDVD and AnyDVD…but, people need to be able to decide for themselves what they’re willing to pay for convenience and peace of mind.

I use another ripper now, together with FixVTS and DVD-RB. How is CloneDVD different/better than FixVTS? I really like those 2 prog’s better quality wise on my plasma, but would just like a better ripper. Wait and see I guess.

I have used DVD-RB a lot in the past until DVD DL discs became cheap enough for me to use. CloneDVD is great as a ripper because it allows me to get rid of a bunch of unwanted junk like previews and unwanted extras while keeping the menus. Once I unselect the stuff I don’t want to keep, I then rip it to the hard drive and use DVD-RB or DVD Shrink to compress it. In this case, FixVTS isn’t necessary. The benefit is not just selecting what I want to keep/remove, but, also the speed at which I can do my backups. I rip once to the hard drive and kick off my compression program. I then let it run overnight in the case of DVD-RB. The required effort on my part is very small.

Whereas in your case, if you use another ripper, you have to rip it to the hard drive, then run FixVTS which takes a bit more time, and then you can do your backup. That’s a fine method and there’s no problem with it, but, it’s just an extra step I’d personally rather not have to perform. I hope that makes sense.

I went into this mess with version installed. If AnyDVD was enabled, the original would not play on my pc. This gives me the impression that this movie was targeted at AnyDVD.
After installing the beta, I noticed that some of the title sets that were triggering problems previously, presented no problems, and the movie would play on my pc with AnyDVD enabled. gives me a perfect movie only with menus, and that is definitly all the backup I want 99.9% of the time. I have little use for previews of movies I already own, and the directors commentaries are ok once, if it is an exceptionly great movie. :slight_smile:

Yes it makes sense in your case. I dont remove anything. I like to keep the full DVD. Am still unsure how CloneDVD fixes the structure as you say. Find it hard to justify buying two programs to replace those free ones. Unless CloneDVD uses FixVTS like AnyDVD does. And if so what version? I know AnyDVD uses an old version right?

I agree, sockeye, which is why I love CloneDVD and the ability to nuke all that stuff. Some extras are nice to keep around on the backup, but, most of the time I do a movie + menu backup. I like the menus for two reasons…Elby has yet to fix the subtitle issue on a lot of discs(hint hint) so the menu is necessary to control proper subtitle operation. And the other reason is I like to be able to do chapter selection. Always a nice thing to have. Other than that, don’t show me previews, movie logos, “downloading is bad” videos, etc…just give me the movie I paid for.

CloneDVD does not use FixVTS. However, when you rip the movie with CloneDVD, it’s writing out a new DVD structure when it does the backup. So long as it’s set to DVD DL for the output, the compression algorithm gets switched off, but, it still processes the DVD structure and corrects any errors it finds…very similar to what FixVTS does, but, CloneDVD does it while it’s doing the backup. I’m sure someone else can give you a far better technical description of what’s going on with CloneDVD under the covers when it’s backing up one of these “messy” discs, but, as I understand it, it writes out a compliant DVD structure that then works with programs like DVD Shrink and DVD-RB. In my experience that’s always been the case…I’ve yet to have an issue with the output from CloneDVD in any of the aforementioned programs.

Yes Samuri, and very few titles need much compression once you get rid of all that junk. With a good upconverting player, I feel that as low as 80% looks great on my big screen.

Yup, I agree. Anything over 80% though and I switch to DL backups with CloneCD or use a different compression program. CloneDVD does well with most everything but its compression algorithm is not necessarily the best at those higher compression rates. That also depends on the type of movie, too, so, it’s VERY subjective as you know. Nonetheless, CloneDVD is still VERY useful in those cases where I use something else to compress because I can get rid of the junk while preserving the menus. That gives whatever program I use a leg up on compression. I absolutely love the Slysoft products!

:iagree: I begin every backup with SS.