AnyDVD (beta)



I just released a new AnyDVD beta version: 2007 01 19

  • New: Added support for new versions of the SONY Arccos protection
    (e.g., “Monster House”, Germany) to the option to remove
    “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: Added workaround for some drives (e.g. TSSTCORP DVD-ROM
    SH-D162C) where disc insertion was not always correctly detected
    by AnyDVD and decryption would not work.

Experienced users should try it. Thank you!


I downloaded it and will try it. There is something that I have noticed with anydvd and using dvd decrypter that I will pass along. I do not allow anydvd to run all the time but start it when I need it. In most cases I use anydvd along with dvd decrypter to burn a movie to the hard drive, then take dvd rebuilder to rebuild it and clonedvd to burn. I get the results I want. I have a bat file that loads anydvd then waits 2 seconds to start dvd decrypter, that way I do not have to remember to start anydvd and only have to use one short cut. I notice that if I have a movie already in my drive, and hit the shortcut. that sometimes dvd decrypter will show device not ready medium not present. I can close dvd decrypter and restart and to finds the device. I did some testing and if I do increase the wait time to three seconds I do not get this problem. I also just used a shortcut for anydvd and dvd decrypter to test, and found if I hit the anydvd shortcut and then the dvd decrypter shortcut, without any wait, I also get the device not ready medium not present until I close dvd decrypter. This is not a problem, and I am sure it is because the driver for anydvd must be fully loaded before dvd decrypter starts. I am also sure the amount of time a person would have to wait before starting dvd decrypter, would depend on the speed of there computer. As stated, this is not in my book a problem with either software but a problem caused by the user, and in this case that is me. I just thought I would pass this along. If someone is inserting a disk waiting then starting anydvd and another program at about the same time to burn a disk they could get (device not ready medium not present) until they restart there porgram.


samlar, AnyDVD also needs a little bit of time to decrypt the DVD. This will cause DVD Decrypter to act like that. If I am wrong, it’s 5am here :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I know I just thought I would pass this along some people out there could be getting the device not ready and thinking anydvd has a problem when it really does not have a problem


did this version solve the problem to decrypt “saw3” ?
has anybody tried?


May I know the reason why you’re not doing this with Clonedvd2, since you own it (and since it is more compatible with Anydvd)?

You’re just ripping right?


I can only say this: Please start AnyDVD when you start Windows and let it run all the time. This is how it was designed, this is how it works best.
Really. I am serious. Starting / stopping AnyDVD to just for “decrypting” may cause problems, if you are not careful. Other programs, the windows file system, windows explorer, … may already have accessed the drive before AnyDVD had a chance to do its magic.
If you really don’t want AnyDVD to startup with Windows, don’t start AnyDVD with discs in the drive.
First start AnyDVD, then insert the disc you want to read.
Stopping AnyDVD can also be a little bit tricky. If programs have files open on a disc and you stop AnyDVD, file contents can be undefined. AnyDVD will try to refresh the filesystem, but if file handles are open (e.g., CloneDVD is running) this doesn’t work. So here the best method is:
Eject the disc you decrypted, now stop AnyDVD.

But again: Please let AnyDVD run all the time, if somehow possible. The purpose of an on the fly decrypter is to fool the operating system, including network shares, etc. that the disc is unprotected. Disabling/enabling it just defeats this purpose.

There might be reasons to disable AnyDVD, e.g. verify with ImgBurn, but these are exceptions to the rule. :smiley:


DVDDecrypter might indeed be the better choice to make 1:1 ISOs. CloneDVD2 can’t do this (CloneCD can). DVDDecrypter is fully compatible with AnyDVD.
He could use CloneDVD2 to burn the .iso image created with DVDDecrypter, but ImgBurn is fine, too. Only the verify of ImgBurn might not work if AnyDVD is running. (CloneCD/DVD doesn’t verify, so there won’t be an issue :bigsmile: )


I know I can use clonedvd 2 and do not know why I have not done this just use to using dvd decrypter to do this. If I use clonedvd2 I would have to change it to dvd9 since I would not want it to shrink it. I find that dvd rebuilder does a better job of rebuilding and shinking it or at least I think it does. Maybe I will try doing it with clonedvd2 but when something works I just hate to change but your right clonedvd should work better with anydvd.


I do not use ISO in dvddecrypter i copy the vob files.


I know your right I just do not like any program running when I am not using it just say I am hard headed about this. But I love your software.


I forgot that if I used clonedvd it would process the files and take longer than just using dvd decrypter to burn them to the hard drive. Since I am going to use dvd rebuilder to process them do not need to use clonedvd. Also dvd decrypter puts them in a folder under the movie name and I can then process them with dvd builder then when I get around to watching the movie if there is a problem I can go back to the folder and redo it. If I use clonedvd2 it will place them in the clonedvdtemp folder and unless I move them I will overwrite them the next movie I burn. I tried anydvd ripper way back when and had a problem not even sure what now but since dvd decrypter moves the files to the hard drive and places them in a folder under the movie name and since I plan on using dvd rebuilder to rebuild them it just is better for me. Maybe I will go back and try the anydvd ripper again. Clonecd would do a image file which is not what I want
What works works so why change. hope this explains why I do it this way.

I just looked at anydvd ripper and it would mean that I would have to label a folder each time I want to rip it to the hard drive so dvd decrypter does the job better for me. I am lazy


CloneDVD2 will burn to harddrive if you choose DVD files in the output method. You simply have to set up a folder to except the files created.
Doing this, and choosing custom (adjust for size) or DVD9 for size, would allow you to compress with DVDRebuilder afterwards.


Right, but Samlar is not ripping isos, I presume if he’s using other programs like Rebuilder, but I could be wrong. I haven’t read the entire thread yet.

And he’s burning the final copy with Clonedvd2. Based on what you’ve told us, Clonedvd2 can’t preserve the original layer break position when burning dvd+R dl (no matter what), so I’m not sure what advantage there is to ripping with decrypter in this instance.

He could use CloneDVD2 to burn the .iso image created with DVDDecrypter, but ImgBurn is fine, too. Only the verify of ImgBurn might not work if AnyDVD is running. (CloneCD/DVD doesn’t verify, so there won’t be an issue :bigsmile: )

I appreciate your reply. Thank you. You know, I don’t doubt there is a verification issue when using Imgburn, but I just tried it with Anydvd running, and the burn verified fine. :confused: Maybe, I’m just lucky.

By the way, I’m not having any problem with this beta, but I haven’t had problems with older versions of Anydvd either.


My experience confirms what sockeye wrote, so other than the folder name creation thingy, I don’t see a big advantage. But thank you for your reply; I was just curious. Whatever works for you is fine, of course.


Then I don’t know what the point is of using DVD Dercrypter at all. You can even use Windows Explorer for this.
Ot write a batch (.cmd) file and start it from a dos box.
But using CloneDVD2 is certainly the best/safe option if you own this program.


Yes I know I can use windows explorer just the way I have been doing it. I do own clonedvd but why use it if I am going to use dvdrebuilder to rebuild the movie anyway?


You don’t have to rebuild or edit anything out with Clonedvd2 if you don’t want to. You can achieve the exact same thing that you want, just as quickly, without using decrypter (well, except for the automatic folder movie name thingy that you like)–and by using Clonedvd2 you ensure compatibility with Anydvd.


I know we all get tunnel vision for the methods that we use, and I am not an exception…but CloneDVD2 offers the advantage of preserving menus with one click. This feature alone, is my reason for starting every backup with CloneDVD2. And even more importantly, AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 are a team, as Webslinger has stated.
Burning to hard drive, is not a problem with any application, once you create a folder for the file to reside.
When you rip to your hard disk with any program, choose a file size that dosn’t require any compression, so you can further process the files, afterwards. This will allow you to remove unwanted material with programs like VobBlanker, and ultimately shrink with the prgram of your choice, be it DVDRB, CloneDVD2, DVDShrink, Recode, etc.
In the end, you will end up with only the material you want, compressed to your DVD5 disk.


i’m not sure i understand this thread. so you’ve got a dvd9 you want to copy to a dvd+r dl.

can’t you just copy the files using windows explorer and then burn, unless the dvd9 is a full 9gb and not the ~8.5gb that fits on a dvd+r dl.

i guess then you lose the layer break position, but i thought only clonecd could keep that, not decrypter or clonedvd2 (or explorer of course)?