#1 2007 01 04

  • New: Added display of drive manufacturer, type and revision to
    AnyDVD status window
  • New: Added support for HD-DVD booktype to AnyDVD status window
  • New: Added correct display of HD-DVD layers and capacity to
    AnyDVD status window
  • Fix: Another Bug introduced in, Macrovision RipGuard was
    still not removed correctly in some rare situations



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Thanks for the heads-up :wink:


That’s quite the interesting change list. I guess they really ARE looking into HD-DVD as James suggested yesterday. Seriously, no other company I know of does more for its customers and yet people still complain about the prices. sigh. Well done, Slysoft!!


thanks for the headsup just downloading :clap:


This is truely the best support in the business. Thanks to the whole Slysoft Team.:smiley:




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Why didn’t anyone think of suggesting this before? lol


just installed LH-20A1H-185 BK- new liteon 20x burner- using anydvd 6102 with shrink and with clonedvd - dvd’s are showing up still encrypted- i know there’s something i did not do installing - but please offer some help- just as a note my hp940 also shows up encrypted using shrinkand anydvd - but i can reinstall my hp 740 and it works fine - could there be something in these new burners causing this - my liteon 18x burner will still show encrypted too- i can’t figure out why my older hp740 will work with shrink and clonedvd but my 3 new burners will not-


I just love slysoft best software I ever spent my money on


As I recall, you could get this or similar information with dvd decrypter, if memory serves me right.
Anyhow good addition.


Yes you could. But it makes it so much easier if it was in the Status Window.


This new update really shoots AnyDvd into the stratosphere :clap:


You could even get this information within AnyDVD in the drive selection window.



WOW! Awesome! I’m glad Slysoft is keeping up with future technology! Excellent!

Unfortunately, I’m a Blu-Ray supporter as that is what my disc player is. So does anyone know if AnyDVD will get Blu-Ray support anytime soon?


AnyDVD pwns!!!


Upadte so fast…




Anyone know what additional movie was having Ripguard problems, that is, the movie refered to in the last bullet:
[I]Fix: Another Bug introduced in, Macrovision RipGuard was
still not removed correctly in some rare situations[/I]

Probably another Disney or affiliate.


probably the one i submitted three times, fast and furious 3 but now works in at last.