Anydvd 2006 12 05

  • New: Added support for Microsoft Windows Vista 64
  • New: All drivers are now signed as per Microsoft requirements
  • New: Setup file is now signed
  • New: Added support for new copy protections to the option to remove
    “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • Change: “Safe Mode” off is modified to be more system friendly
  • Fix: Bogus title set removal could be triggered without reason
  • Fix: Some keycodes were not accepted
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

Thanks for the update.

Yes thanks for the update, lets hope this will solve everybody problems with Attack Force, I had no problem, I got to back up the movie just fine. This update seems alot more comprehensive. Thankyou James and Slysoft for a great product.:bow:

Does somebody know yet, what this “new protection” is called?
Oh, doc thank you for the link. Forgot it.

That fix appears in version too. It appears to be fixed again

Thanks for the update…

It fixes this problem:

AD 6092 doesn’t fix the Attack Force full movie mode looping problem
I have just sent James an ifo attachment to analyse

Zaq, you’re my hero, and you know it! :flower:

Thanks for all your great efforts
and just in case you slack up try this


For the first time I have a problem with AnyDVD. After installing & rebooting, I always get this screen & no drives are being detected.

Turn anydvd off before you install an update

I don’t want to imply anything, but this happens if you crack / modify AnyDVD.
If you did use a crack, you know what to do. If you didn’t, tell me more about your system (drivers, setup, etc.)

Yeah, tried that, also uninstalled/rebooted previous version before installing 6092 didn’t help. :confused:

Maybe this is the solution?
Don’t forget to enter the promotion code… :wink:

(Please forgive me, if I’m wrong)


nope, I’ve never used a crack, I’m a registered user.

Here are some fast system specs :
WinXP Pro
Intel Core2 Duo 6300 CPU
2 * 1024MB Corsair Dual DDR
DVD RE-Writer NEC ND-3520A
Virtual Device by Daemon Tools 4.08

I suggest to contact SlySoft customer support so we can work out a solution.
Thank you in advance!

Thanks, will do. :slight_smile:

did not solve attack force problem but otherwise seems to be working perfect with clonedvd -that’s a big plus for me

are u able to go back to the previous version
and if so does it work?