AnyDVD - "No DVD Drive Detected"

For me, every time there is a new AnyDVD version released and I uninstall the old then reinstall the new, I have always gotten “Trial expired”… until I ran an install when my net access was down (last night).

What are you putting into Zone Alarm to allow data flow… just I’m not currently running a firewall but I may be in the very near future…

Turn your ballon pop ups on and before saying allow or deny click the more info link it is quite simple. There are 2 or 3 little files that anydvd uses 1 I know is the application is one. I also gave it 3 bars, there is a post with the image on this. I’ll just need to find it.

this post :bigsmile:

Thanks I knew it was yours so that alone narrowed it down just got to busy. :bow: :iagree:

Thanks for the link BJ, very useful. :smiley:

One question though: why are you UNINSTALLING AnyDVD and then REINSTALLING it when a new version comes out? Slysoft says to install ontop of the existing installation (with AnyDVD turned off). Have you even tried that?

As for a firewall, it’s a good idea to let traffic through for AnyDVD to communicate (check for updates, etc.) This will cause less headaches when it comes to registration keys not working for some strange reason.

All that work sounds like it is uneeded. I would say 99.99% of the people here just install over the existing program. Something is wrong there…

As a general rule I always completely uninstall then reinstall any application on a version update. Always have, always will, that’s just my background.

What dos says is right
The new ZA progs in addition to internet acces also control all PC prog’s exe file to run or not
Thus you may deny for eg ASD internet access with no problem
but you must allow ZA to let it run ie give 3 green bars or more :slight_smile:

I do not have zonealarm set up for anydvd with three bars I do not have very few things that I allow three bars in zonealarm. Anydvd works great

I got this Link from my thread. we have 7 in total proggys registered of any dvd. we have never had a problem like this one with all of us.

We all have keys and the stupid program keeps telling like the originator of this thread that we don’t have a driev.

We all,the teens and the better half and I all have Sonys, Benqs external burners and no problems saying we don’t have drives until this version.
Now not even the Fox in the Task bar, nor the Fox on the desktop will open, we can’t do backups.
How do I go back to the prior working version??? is there a Link??

I really would appreciate comments, thankyou.

We don’t crack whatever that is, I am an accountant and have 6 high school and college teens with purchsed proggys.
We have never had such a vicious problem and frankly am very sick of it as 10 colleagues at work have the same problem.
And no we have not change security settings and I don’t use the fat bloated Zone Alarm.
Neither do my children.

I look forward to replies.

How long is this going to go on???
Last nite the old version worked, today it won’t??? And like the others, it says also I don’t have a drive HO HO HO, Santa should buy me one!! :bigsmile:

and a partridge in a pear tree :wink:

People still having the “No DVD Drive Detected” problem can try this beta version:

Thanks for the beta, James (although I don’t have the NO DVD DRIVE problem) :stuck_out_tongue: