AnyDVD doesn't work

Upgraded from AnyDVD to and cannot get past copy protection. Went back to and the same DVD (Little Man) copies fine. I suggest everyone stay away from…

It doesn’t work for you, it does work for me. Blanket statments such as yours are not factual.

Worked well for me also. I appreciate the upgrade and await the resolution to Attack Force and Lies and Alibis. I have faith in Slysoft

I suggest that you learn how to use the software because it works just fine for 99% of the people here. The other 1% is due to user mistakes or the once in a while title that it takes Slysoft a couple of days to come up with a fix for. So when you make statements like this

Upgraded from AnyDVD to and cannot get past copy protection.

This is not true. Maybe it is true for you but it is not a problem for the masses. Welcome to the forum and please check your imformation before you post blanket statements like that please.

find what works for you my friend- try everything - there’s probably nothing wrong with your system - different programs work different on other systems - :flower:

definatly doesnt work in for Lies and Alibis

Sometimes things don’t work as expected, for a wide variety of reasons.

Sometimes programs kind of “jockey for position” as they try to keep up with the latest software protections. One week AnyDVD may work fine on a title, one week it may not work right away on a newly released title. Sometimes RipIt4Me or DVD Decrypter may have the edge and be able to do it, other times AnyDVD may be able to do it first.

I do not always think it’s operator error. I’m a fairly intelligent and I have issues with it at times too.

My recommendation is to try all 3 products and see which may work at any given time. AnyDVD does have a free 21 day trial, I believe, and the other two products are completely free to use from the start.

Please don’t let people get you down - this DVD stuff can be frustrating, so hang in there, take a deep breath and try the various options. Hopefully one will work for you. I appreciate that you did try to help notify people of a possible problem. I think others will appreciate that too.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

Yes, that movie is a problem, and I am sure it will be addressed in the next version.

turk200 –

Welcome to the Forum.

It might be helpful to explain in detail specifically what you mean by your statement “ cannot get past copy protection”. This is a rather broad none descriptive statement and really doest explain your actual problem.

If you provide this pertinent information quite possible knowledgeable Forum member will be able to provide assistance to correct your AnyDVD v6.0.9.2 problem.


I works fine for me as well. I was acually having trouble with the last edition. For some reason I started having trouble detecting my drive on some dvd’s. The latest update seemes to have solved my problem… Yeah slysoft.


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Its ok…working for me…Thank you James…

Life is so good with a real KEY…

not saying some of you an’t got one…:clap:


has anyone had trouble with anydvd lately. it keeps tellin me that my trail is up and then i run the key again and it tells me that it is reg and to restart. but even after i do it keeps tellin me that my trail is up. i even took it all off one my pc and put it back on and it still is doin it. please help is you can. :sad: :sad: :sad:

Do you have zone alarm, or registry mechanic? This will stop that service until you allow it.

Has a new version of Anydvd come out?

Maybe I think it should work. Somebody may try.

Yes might try the update and see here’s the link on it and the download as well.

An interesting FIRST post turk200. I notice you have not made another to back up your claim, perhaps you are too busy looking for freeware or other hacks.
Interesting DVD title you were trying to back-up (oops I forgot you do copy).

Mr Hugo I dont understand, do you mean freeware is a hack.