Anydvd problem

XP home, Service pack2, Athlon 64bit 3400+, 2.2 GHZ with 2 gig of ram.

Using memorexDVDR double layer 16x-ddl-in

3.2 DVD shrink

Nero 6

Here is my problem…I just purchace anydvd. I downloaded Devinci Code without a hitch…Then I tried to do Click. It gives me an error that the copyright is still read? I tried to rip it with anydvd…tried shrink…and nero. Nothing will work

lol…well i rebooted and it started working??? Have any ideas why I could not do it to begin with? I had tried for 30 min…rebooted several times.

Now it gave me a copyright error at 12%…GRRRRRRR…This time it gave me the copyright error on backing up from dvdshrink

I tried 6090 with the settings window open on the desktop.

I was able to open DVD Shrink and click the Open Disk button, point to the original of the DaVinci code in the drive, and it worked ok.

I left that settings window open and was able to do a re-author and a full backup.

If I closed the settings window, the thing would crap out. Very odd.

ok going to try that now

Brienvitz -

Suggest providing detailed amplifying information concerning the Da Vinci Code “Download”.

Some types of downloads of Commercial DVD Movie Titles contain a DRM Video Content Protection Scheme which is a Copy Protection Scheme that the ANYDVD software program is not designed to handle.

Also do not summarize or tunicate Error Codes or Error Notification Narratives. Provide the complete full Error Codes or Error Notification Narratives.


Nope…keeps crapping out on me on the backup with the settings open

My DaVinci was store bought.

but…that one is the one that burnt ok…I’m trying to get Click

it is seeming like the anydvd is not on 100% of the time…I disable it the enable it and it will try. But if I dont restart it it gives me the error instantly

Brienvitz -

Suggest reviewing the AnyDVD Forum Read First posting titled “Copying rented DVDs is illegal - such discussions are not allowed!” (


I did give you the whole error notification!!!

I Know That was coming…

Really! I post this again Slysoft need to put some kind of Block that leave a rental DVD unreadable so it could NOT be Illegally Back-UP.

I know that is a hard task to ask But when you have loser rental DVD Or Rental Library DVD & making Back-up that is totally Illegal & wrong.

as long as there is a more easily way to obtain the DVD instead of actually Buying it we will have these sort of problems & the dummy that come alone & post question here like…

Why is the Rental DVD that I got/rented for $1.99 isn’t working/rippin/burnin.??? :doh: :doh:

I think people are just meant to give them selves away.

Try using The CloneDVD to back it up

3.2 DVD shrink & Nero Product are good.
but i stick with the Best that is CloneDVD.

I giving my Props to the Best!!

which way can this be done?

what happens to ex-rentals, do they just get binned?, no the majority get sold on, so then ppl have the right to back up there movie.

copying rental dvd’s going to happen, whether you like it or not & i don’t think it can be stopped.

the only thing i can see is that we don’t give them any help in the matter of backing up there movie, as they usually slip up and say the title and you know it’s not released yet :bigsmile:

this is just my opinion :flower:


Both of those movies are out in the stores you idiots…Sounds like yall sit around on your fat butts in front of the PC and dont know whats going on in the real world


Why are you “downloading” the movie if you bought it in a store?

As a casual bystander, it appears that the confusion is in your original post, stating that you downloaded Davinci Code without a hitch. You probobly meant that you ripped it successfully?

brienvitz…don’t take it personally, this happens quite often. there are people here that jump at the very first perceptible opportunity to show some sort of perverted moral superiority over others with the “nah nah, you’re stealing the movie” thing. my advice…don’t blow an o-ring over it, let them do it. while i appreciate the zeal here concerning illegal copying activities i have to never the less chuckle when it comes so easily to some that are on a forum that discusses software that is easily used (or misused) to make copies of movies. that is what this software is designed to do…some of you may miss that fact. are you really surprised when it is used to copy rental dvd’s, or downloaded movies? again, i understand the need to not discuss this openly and to discourage such use, but for crying out loud, drop the moral supremecy thing.