AnyDVD UPDATE Available!

Its out go get it! 2006 11 26

  • New: Added “Aggressive I/O Mode” checkbox.
    Enable the “highly aggressive I/O mode” only, if you use software which
    otherwise will not see AnyDVD’s magic, like InterVideo DVDCopy,
    1-click DVD-Copy or Pinnacle Instant copy.
    “Aggressive I/O Mode” should not be necessary if you use well designed
    software. Using “Aggressive I/O Mode” may degrade system stability.
    “Aggressive I/O Mode” is not available and not required in Windows 9X/ME.
  • Change: Removed “Safe Mode” checkbox
  • Change: Improved “Jump directly to Title Menu” function (change in
  • Fix: Compatibility problems and crashes with some system configurations
    introduced in

Luvs, Jenni :flower:

Already posted here but thanks again. :flower:

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