AnyDVD & An American Haunting

Just spent $20.00 on this sucker (whatever happened to new release deals?) so I decided to back it up. I used Any DVD /w DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink threw up an error. So I tried ripit4me which worked. Any one else have any success with AnyDVD?

more info please !!!

Do you mean me or some one else? I’ve also noticed Any DVD doesn’t handle ARccOS very well some times.

Yes I have had the same type of problem, just lately. Monster House, American Haunting and Mission Impossible III have all bombed. I usually use DVDShrink with ANYDvd. I installed the latest versions of ANYDvd and even tried CloneDVD2. I was successful when using CloneDVDMobile to put MH and AH on my Zen. Could not do that with MI_III, however. Just wondering if some of the Windows updates are messing things up. I noticed 5 new KBxxxxxxx in Windows restore, plus a Software Distribution Service 2.0 since I was last able to rip any DVDs. System Restore will not restore back beyond these new files. Apparently updates are not counted as system changes and after attempting a restore before those files were installed, Windows comes back with a message that nothing has changed and therefore these additions could not be eliminated that way. I am about to simply delete them to see if they could be the problem.

This must be a configuration problem because I backed up all three of those movie with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 with no problems. They played perfectly all the way through. I wonder if some of us have something that conflicts with AnyDVD now, that did not before.

i have backed up “Monster House” and “American haunting” with out any problems using
anyDVD ver / CloneDVD2 ver

sorry you guys
for me
all those titles R1 no problem AD 6082 and Clondvd 2901
hot knife thru butter
some real bada** protection on these titles no doubt

BTW more info please read sticky on what pertinent info is required so we can help

But I think if you have R1 titles the problem is with you ripper
try AD right click ripper
or even simple windows drag and dump of the ts_video file
try clonedvd, dvd shrink, vobblanker

I used clonedvd2 and anydvd and I had no problems with any movie. Sony movies I use dvdfab decrypter and dvd shrink no problems. The only problem that i’ve had in the 2 years i’ve been burning that I could not figure out is with the movie “Little Man” I have tried dvdfab decrypter,dvd decrypter, clonedvd2 w/anydvd, dvd shrink and nothing works. Someone told me that Sony just put out new protections on their disc. Is this true? If any one else gets movies before they are released and tried Little Man and got errors can you help me?

Hmm… but I’m not using CloneDVD2, but am loading the AnyDVD driver in DVD Decrypter.

I also had NO problems using clonedvd and anydvd 6082. Can you give more info as to dvd writer firmware , media, system info ,etc. etc.

name a few little man titles and I will look into it

as to dvd decryptor has not been updated lately. Maybe you should try clonedvd from has a 21 day trial! Also i dont understand about you saying you load anydvd. Anydvd runs in the background and the red fox should be in your startup near the time or clock on your task bar on the bottom right.

I also used anydvd and clonedvd2 with no issues.

I don’t let it run all the time in the back ground, thus prior to inserting a DVD a load it up. When you click on settings for DVD Decrypter, and go to I/O there is an option for ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes which is the driver for AnyDVD.

Here is the drive I use:

Toshiba SD-M1912 /w TM01

PLEASE HELP, My dvd drive turns to a cd drive when i put in American Haunting. no problem with Monster House, and use dvd decrypter with anydvd and have had very few problems. open to suggestions

So after inserting the movie your drive can only read CDs? How do you get it read DVDs again?

take it out and wait a few minutes and then it pulls back up as a dvd drive

Mission Impossible III has yet to be released on DVD here in the states how by chance did you get it and back it up? :eek:

now the damn things says no disc.

The Toshiba sd-m1912 is a dvd rom as far as I know and not a dvdrw. You need a dvdrw to write dvds.