AnyDVD won't release drive

I recently installed AnyDVD and found that after I started it Windows Explorer (nor any other program) can access either DVD-ROM drive. For example, Windows Explorer still shows the drives to be empty after I insert a disk and other programs can’t open files from CD-ROM. This persists even after I stop AnyDVD! The only way I can restore normal operation of my DVD-ROM drives is to restart Windows. Has anyone experienced this problem and know a better solution than restarting after each use of AnyDVD?

Sounds more like a windows file system problem than an AnyDVD problem. I have installed with no such problem. one fix that works on that particular windows problems MOST of the time is uninstalling the IDe channel the drive is on and rebooting. windows reinstalls the IDE channel and the Drive when it restarts. this often remidies the problem you describe.

If it occurs [U]after[/U] you stop AnyDVD, then I’m guessing it wouldn’t be its fault.

You could try AnyDVD’s “Safe Mode”.

I agree with “iss”. Uninstall your IDE channel and drives reboot and let windows detect it and install. You should be good to go. I updated to
asked to reboot and no problems.

If you’re guarenteed that it worked with the last update and not this one very detailed specs of your PC would help us solve the issue. The thread is started might as well help him out. I do agree saying that this isn’t an anydvd issue considering that if it’s off that it continues. Do the safe mode and like I asked give us very detailed specs to assist you the more detailed the better.

i know that pioneer drives dont come up with the volume labes (refresh) on burned disks, but do on origiona press silver stamped disks,

other brands liteon, benq ,sony,samsung/lg dont have this problem…