Anydvd + sony dru-820a 1.0b spindown failure

i have 5 dvd burners (on the one machine)

but the sony dru-820a 1.0b, keeps spinning the disks at full speed and does not spin down (+13minutes, before i stop the test.)

also tried safe mode, no difference…

but if i…

turn anydvd off the sony 820a spins down in about 30

my other burners (including the 810ul-t) spin down (in about 30 seconds).

fault is with anydvd software… but if i put a blank dvd disk (or other disk) the 820 just keeps on spinning, making the disk very hot…

this could kill my burner (7days old)

iv tested the burner it burnns at 16x +dl at 6x (001 verb +r dl)

no problems with the burner (ist dma mode 4)

please help…


1.note anddvd off -820 +b disk spins down.

2.note anydvd on(normal/safe) 820+ blank dvd disk - drive
does not spin down…

3.note all other burners are ok…

(blank dvd +r x16

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:MCC-004-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]

Manufacturer Name : [Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.]

Manufacturer ID : [MCC]

Media Type ID : [004]

Product Revision : [Not Specified]

Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4.70 GB (4.38

Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x , 6x-16x]

[ DVD Identifier V4.3.0 -

Please describe step-by-step how to reproduce the problem.
I fail to understand what you are inserting in the drive - an empty disc?
A recorded disc?

just put in a blank dvd +r verbatim dvd disk in drive…

all you need ia a 820a 1.0b + blank dvd disk + anydvd (on)

anydvd off and drive spins down in 30 seconds, with anydvd on , it keep spinning at high speed… forever…

step 1.

anydvd (on (red in color) (default settings)

step 2 put blank dvd disk in…

step 3 (wait to see if dvd burner spins down)

p.s it does not do it with origional dvd movie (stargate etc…)

or a burned (copy (backup)

just blank dvds…

but turn anydvd off (grey fox color) and then put a blank disk in , it spins down in 30seconds later…)

only does this with the 820a not with the other burners…

(also tried safe mode via anydvd - same problem)

have not tested cdr,s …

After you use what ever program to encode or trascode anydvd has done it’s job turn off the fox and then put in the blank since anydvd doesn’t need to decrypt the disc as it is already done.

The simple solution would be - don’t put blank DVD-Rs in the device, until you want to burn them. :slight_smile:

That would be the simple solution but it doesn’t explain why this is happening. I never close AnyDVD when burning and I’ve never had this issue. AnyDVD should ignore blank disks. When I put a blank disk in the AnyDVD status shows as “No disk is inserted in drive D:”. However, I have a rebranded Aopen 1616 (Rosewill RD-162X).

Anydvd doesn’t see blank discs at all I thought?

This happens because the Sony drive is stupid. AnyDVD probes the drive for disc changes, this keeps the drive spinning with blanks. AnyDVD doesn’t care about the blank disc, it doesn’t touch it.
Just ignore the problem (nobody leaves a blank in the drive unless he wants to record something. If you record something, it isn’t blank anymore…)


When I burn I have the movie in one drive and a blank in the other from the start. If I place my cursor (don’t click) over the red fox it shows On: 2, so it does see blanks discs. Never had a problem with spinning down.

I stand corrected. Nice to know I only have one drive. :smiley:

iv put the drive in a friends computer it does the same…

i should not have to turn off any dvd… just to burn disks…

what a pain…

all my other drives have no problem… 111d ,a10xlb, 109, 810ul/t sony

all have latest firmwares…

the sony drives spins down normally when (any dvd is off(grey))

heres a smile for you, tech support (slysoft) email me back saying…


Why do you leave a blank disc in your drive?

Best regards,

no one leave a blank disk in a drive, thats a stupid question.

lets see what he says, on the next email,

it has to be a bug with anydvd any the sony 820a 1.0b

same drive - different machine +same anydvd = same problem reproduced…

if it was abug in the sony firmware, why does the sony spin down, with anydvd disabled(greyed) :sad:

p.s. the disk spinning at full speed has 3 problems.

  1. it heats up the disk very fast…
  2. it full speed affects burn speed/init start - errors etc…
  3. it will kill the drive $100 aus twice a pioneer unit.
    (this is from sony support-says any dvd the problem)

and i stick a disk in the drive (about to burn) - anser a phone/door…

come back to the computer 15minutes later and the only drive is still spinning at full speed…

Obviously, you do… :confused:

@issa: the lack of complete sentences and the giant spaces throughout your posts make it very difficult to read and help you. I just thought I’d throw that out there for future reference and in order to help you get more help and responses on your issues. paragraphs go a long way in coherently stating a problem.

Very funny.

No, i only put a blank disk(s) in drive(s) when im about to burn a disk(s)

(you can multi burn etc…with nero) and you can burn different disk images to different drives (1 hdd to 1 burner) etc…

The fact is i put a blank disk in the drive, and the high speed spinnig effect the burning of the disk (when it first starts) and heats up the disk.

2 fact that only this drive does/have this problem. it could be fix in the next version.

P.S. english is my second language, sorry. :cool:

As you already found out yourself - only this drive has this problem. It is a defect in the drive firmware: the spindown timer is reset by TestUnitReady command, and this is a bug (btw, not the only one this drive has) and it cannot be fixed with an AnyDVD update.
A workaround could be to disable the drive in AnyDVD’s drive selection if you want to copy something.

i was going to say…this sony drive seems to cause all kinds of problems for decryption/copying software. it’s not surprising that it’s a drive problem as this isn’t the first time I’ve seen the drive referred to as “stupid” (actually, i think the last time the drive was “lying” as well haha :wink:

james, is it something innate in the drive itself or could it be solved by a firmware update? it may be worth it to urge people having problems with this drive to contact sony about their problem (although who knows if that will get anywhere)

Too many drinks yesterday? :wink: <3
A bug in the firmware could be fixed by a firmware update, of course. :bigsmile:

umm possibly? why? did i say something stupid? or did i throw myself at you and ask you to marry me or something?

haha pretty sad when i may or may not hav ebeen drunk enough to remember what you’re referring to :slight_smile:

Have another you 2.