Anydvd Problems!

hello everyone i updated my anydvd yesterday but when i restarted windows it now says my anydvd free trail has ended !!! i have the full copy of anydvd with licence key ? :confused:

has anybody else had this problem with the new update ? :a

You should contact SlySoft support quoting your seriel / order number.

Plus send Slysoft your reg. key so they can see if there is a conflict with your key as well.

I had the same problem. I uninstall anydvd and then re installed I now use the old version but it works

I’ve had mine since the begining of Febuary and I seem to not have these problems. Now I wonder what you guys / gals are doing different than me to have these conflicts / issues.

I’ve encountered the problem twice in the year I’ve had AnyDVD, and the good folks at Slysoft were prompt in helping me. The first time, no matter how thoroughly I uninstalled the previous version (reg entries too), the problem persisted. So they sent me a new key.

The second time it occurred, the uninstall/reboot solution worked like a charm. Make sure you edit AnyDVD references from your registry (a utility like Regclean makes it simple) before installing the new one.

hello i had my anydvd last year with no problem updating it every week until yeserday when thew new update came out, i have system restored my windows back to august 1st which has let me use the last update but i want to burn YOURS,MINE & OURS dvd which i think the new update fixes the stupid sony protection !!!

Nice catch Tru. Double posting just upsets the board owners and members here. Just an FYI to add to Tru’s post.

See my post of today. (poboy) I have exactly the same problem. Bought it in Sept 2005. Everything fine until latest update. Unfortunately, I did not write down in a separate place my registration number. Latest reply from SlySoft even tried to tell me my Key.AnyDVD file was related to an eBay copying scheme! I have asked my credit card company to send me my purchase records for Sept of last year. I am not about to buy it twice!! Regarding the proposed solution of uninstalling and re-installing: I am concerned that this will only erase all poof of my prior history with the product, including losing the Key.AnyDVD registration file. Any help out there???

You’ll get help when someone knows what to do exactly. re-read post #9

LOL. You buy a key for 4.99 at ebay and think it is a valid license? I’m sure you have some genuine Rolex watches that you got for only 39$. :clap:


After I have sucessfully copied my movie using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD, the new copy will still play OK on my DVD player on my computer. All menues and trailers are intact.

However, for the past month, the copy does NOT show anything on my Xbox. There is no menu, movie or trailers showing.

The Xbox is used as a DVD player at TV. Most of the moveis are watched at the TV.

All of my movies that were copied prior to a month ago worked fine on the xbox.

None of the boxes are checked in the navagation window.

For the settings window, there boxes checked: enable AnyDVD; Autostart; and Automatically check for New AnyDVD version.

4.99 you ripped off SS so they won’t honor your key. You want it pay the regular price as we all did. Man I need to sell on ebay!

If you did indeed buy it off ebay and I will say that SS is correct in saying this why do you think SS owes you another key? I mean SS didn’t put their key on ebay to be bought. So now you have the choice to purchase a valid key or just not use it at all. Sorry to here your misfortune but had to point out a few things. DVD X Copy Platium had this issue too and the ebay buyer was S.O.L…

To Dr. WHO (and all you others who doubted my honest purchase of AnyDVD from SlySoft.) Here below is a true copy of the body of the email I just sent to the so-called “support” people at SlySoft. If you guessed that I am PO’d, you would be right


No thanks to you people, I fixed the problem myself. Thank GOD I had the foresight to save on my hard disk the original ZIP file from my LEGITIMATE purchase of AnyDVD from SlySoft last September (version 5411), as well as every single upgrade since that purchase. How dare you people suggest I bought it illegally from eBay. If you were in legal reach, I would sue the hell out of you. Now I can tell you my registration Serial Number. It is 1xxxxxx0 (actual Serial No not shown here). See the attached screen shots. I had to go to the aggravating trouble of uninstalling the program with the Control Panel, re-installing it with the original purchased SlySoft ZIP file, then upgrading it to version

I guarantee you, I am NOT going to upgrade it again to latest version until you people fix the “your trial period is over” problem MANY people are having with that upgrade. You have a great piece of software. You need to work on your arrogance interfacing with your paying customers.

Do not I repeat do not attack me verbally!!! I am a smart man with a short fuse! As for your email the funny thing is none of SS products are a zip file nor an RAR file for that matter they are exe and reg files. So that said with SS saying such take it with them as I don’t think we can really help you honestly. This being said you’re now on my ignore list and I won’t see your post nor see any PM’s from you Good day have fun with out dated program as there is a newer copy protection scheme now.

Sorry for losing it mods. I feel better after venting.

talk about stupid
get a load of this
braniac link :doh:

and look at the takers, how far they are willing to go vs legit product :clap:

remember what I said about “joseph chungs” :bigsmile:

I know I monitor it all the time since I’m home all day. Plus I’m willing to believe SS too because they never lied to me.

To be on Dr Whos ignore list is a singular honor.