AnyDVD & FluxDVD

There was an update for AnyDVD
In the history, FluxDVD protection used by CinemaNow was mentioned., 2006 08 01

  • New: Added preliminary support for the FluxDVD protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
    To copy DVDs downloaded from CinemaNow, you need to use CloneCD

That is about the same answer that I got before when I posted regarding FluxDVD.

The below is the link to it.

However, there was an update for FluxDVD(from 0.9 to 1.0.851) from then; CloneCD can not make a backup copy of FluxDVD.

After burning image with CloneCD, only menue was ripped and the movie comes out blank.

Does anyone how to make a backup copy of FluxDVD?

I’m sure the good people at Slysoft will update AnyDVD for that.

Next update will fix the FluxDVD problems, and it will work with CloneDVD as well.

James, can you confirm for us that this is a crappy copy protection? There was an article that claimed it was stressing the error correction as part of the copy protection and that if there were legitimate errors on the DVD that you’d have problems with it. Have you seen anything like that in your tests?

I have read this article, but it is only half the truth.
Yes, fluxdvd uses these special DSV to create read errors on the DVD. (Does the term SafeDisc “weak sectors” ring a bell? :wink: )
Very clever, because there is no other way (I know of) how to deliberately create read errors on DVD-R/+R media.
But these “error zones” are never played back, and the parts where the movie is recorded has normal error correction.
So the article is misleading, as it claims that during normal playback the player’s error correction is already at its limit. This is not true.
Much more reason to worry about is the logical structure and the physical sector layout (it violates the DVD specification … a lot), but fluxdvd is quite cleverly designed and I expect it to work with most dvd players which can play recordable media.

Personal comment:
The quality of the CinemaNow DVDs is bad. Only Dolby Pro-Logic (no 6-channel sound), very low MPEG2 bitrate. It takes quite long to encode the DRM file to DVD. The price is too high, for the same money you usually can buy the “real” DVD from and get much more value for the buck, not to mention a silver dual-layer DVD, a case, cover with artwork…

As always, James, we appreciate your incite on this. I haven’t tried the Cinemanow stuff at all as I agree, it seems too expensive for what you get. I was definitely interested in the technical side of the copy protection, though, so, that information is great. Thanks!!

I found out that below programs can back up FluxDVDs fine;


Copy protected fluxdvd movies from Cinema Now? Like “Backdraft” or “Rick”? No way.