I updated to the new version and then it told me my free trial has expired. I was not using a free trial, I have the full version. I’m running Win98 SE and can’t do a system restore, whats going on here?

are you Joseph Chung by any chance?

have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

have you tried clicking your registration key file again?

if you have bought your key from then you need to email them with all of your purchase information and include a copy of your key and they can sort it out for you.

if you bought it from anywhere else then it’s not official and you’re screwed.

assuming you purchased from slysoft then their support team is extremely helpful provided you give them complete information.

Sorry but reasonsnotrules is the best advise in your situation…

Reasonsnotrules where have you been I missed you. :flower:

What?! That guy on the street corner SWORE it was legit! SON OF A!!! :smiley:

read this post you probably have the same problem

i was on tour with my friend’s band for about a week and now i’m housesitting at my aunt’s catching up on all the showers i didn’t take and letting my ears (and lungs) recover :slight_smile: i’m actually sore…no need to go to the gym. lugging equipment every night for a week is a damn good workout.

damn dog waking me up at 5am to go for walks here at me aunt’s isn’t that awesome though.

Hey if your charging least its a job. Or on the bright side not just sitting around the house say well I could but…LOL

Hope your ears and lungs get better soon.