AnyDVD released, 2006 07 13

  • New: Added support for new versions of the Sony Arccos protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • New: Support for Windows Vista UAC
  • Change: Individual drive settings window is shown after global settings
    change in setup dialog and after wake up from S3 power saving
  • Change: AnyDVD ripper works better with DVDShrink
  • Fix: AnyDVD did not always request a required reboot after setup
  • Updated languages


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I wonder why?..I look every day at Slysoft site… :iagree: Now I know …Thank You James… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Sweet thank Slysoft once again.

I see update for new arcoss’s
I wonder if that applies to any R1 disks?
how you doing doc
everything ok
you hear about reason’simpending ova sale
we’ll have to try to outbid James and the SS team

Doing fine. You lost me on the reason’s ordeal??? :doh:

Nice one. I am so happy I bought this program. Slysoft, keep this up!

Thanks SlySoft!!!

I don’t know why you look every day at the SlySoft site…
Keep the automatic update check enabled and spare yourself the trouble.

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If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.


Scrivi in Inglese qui, altrimenti ti bacchettano!!! Oppure vai nella sezione italiana! Ciao!

Does anyone know what movies use the new ArCoSS protection added in this release?

it was stated in another thread that slysoft no longer likes to disclose this information. people seemed to think that if the update didn’t pertain to a movie they were backing up then it wasn’t worth updating and that is FAR from the case.

it’s always a good idea to update anydvd when a new version is available. if they listed the movies, people would not update because they didn’t have this movie then complain that anydvd didn’t work when another movie comes out with the same protection and this person can’t decrypt it.


Thanks for the information. I always update AnyDVD when an update is available. I was just curious as to which movies are using new form of ArCoSS protection as Sony hinted a while back that ArCoSS was a failure and they were considering moving to RipGuard protection for Sony Studio DVDs. From what I can remember, Sony stated that the cost of implementing ArCoSS and constantly changing it to thwart piracy was only marginally effective at stopping piracy due to the many free and commercial tools to thwart ArCoSS, and ArCoSS has a significant cost overhead.

I guess they are continuing to use ArCoSS for the time being.

their support staff might tell you if you asked, but I doubt they’d post it anywhere anymore.

they probably had a huge slowdown in support emails ever since they stopped noting the movie titles haha.

what most people odn’t realize is that the titles they were mentioning were only REPRESENTATIVE of the protection and there could be others with that protection as well.

The goddess is right as usual. But as we are among friends here, some examples of titles with a new encryption:

Mirrormask R2 German
Odyssey 5 - the complete series R2 UK
(btw, I love the show! why do they always cancel the cool sci-fi series?)

If I remember correctly:
Games of Love and Chance R1 US

What you must know:
1.) There might be many more titles nobody knows or cares about with this kind of protection . That’s why we no longer add titles in the changelog.
2.) Tomorrow, next week, next month … many new titles with this protection may be released. That’s why it is useless to list titles in the changelog, too.

I don’t believe this is true. Was this an official SONY press release? I doubt it.
Macrovision RipGuard is easier to break than Arccos and costs license fees per disc. Sony would be stupid to give their money to the competition.
The only reason to use RipGuard I could imagine is that Sony doesn’t have enough production capacity in the US, so they need a little bit of “help” from MacroVision.

They won’t, 'cause I haven’t told them either. Har, har! :bigsmile:

haha you’re like a little kid with a big secret…you’ll slip eventually :stuck_out_tongue: