AnyDVD Beta released

if you think it’s a new protection then zip up the IFOs (AFTER anydvd has been disabled) and send them to support(at)slysoft(dot)com with a very detailed description of the disc. what title, region, country, format, version, etc. and an equally detailed description of the error.

That was the plan, but before I did I wanted to see if anyone woud post one of those “I copied it fine, you must be the problem” kind of messages.

@ jl_picard,

The below Forum Link provides detail information on how to send .IFO Files to SlySoft.

Perchance have you attempted to use the “AnyDVD Ripper” function of AnyDVD to copy “The Blue Butterfly” to your Hard Drive and then process the “The Blue Butterfly” files from you Hard Drive with CloneDVD?

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I am still waiting for the files … :slight_smile:

Nope. Ultraviolet (R1, Unrated Widescreen) copies fine with older versions of AnyDVD & CloneDVD2.

Yes, I do! :bigsmile:

Our public “beta” versions are usually of much higher quality than what other people release as “beta”.
But you should not update if you feel uncomfortable. The release version will be out in a couple of days anyway…

lol… I’m guessing it will be in the change log :bow: :bow:

No, we no longer put movie titles in the changelog for some time now for a simple reason:
People do not update AnyDVD, if the movie they have problems is not mentioned in the changelog. These people cause support work.
I have read stupid statements like “This is only a Region 2 title, no need to update 'cause I am in the US”!
People do not understand that we do not update AnyDVD for specific titles, but a new generation / version of protection.

And that’s why you guys rock! :smiley:

:clap: SamuriHL one more post and you hit 1000… :clap:

Yup, I just hit it a minute ago. Scary!!!

That’s a very good reason actually. I hate being a version behind. I never thought of it like that.