AnyDVD released


  • New User Interface, easier to navigate through various settings
  • Information window is now integrated into the settings dialog
  • Option to set DVD Navigation and drive speed, if a Video DVD is inserted
  • Option to set copy protection removal and drive speed, if an Audio CD
    is inserted
  • Many minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages


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Thanks for the pointer Blazkowicz. :clap: :bigsmile: :iagree:

Download here:

slysoft :clap: :iagree: :bow: :bigsmile: :cool:


This new user interface will take some getting used to. What is different about the drive speed option and Disc naviagation that wasn’t there before?


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now you have the option to have a pop up window asking you about the drive speed every time you insert a disc.

before the drive speed was set the same for all drives at all times. now you can control it on a disc by disc basis.


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Try right click on topic relating to query. If no joy maybe help.


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For Video DVD (1st piccie).
With this option enabled AnyDVD will display a settings dialogue each time a video DVD is inserted.
For Audio CD (2nd piccie).
With this option enabled AnyDVD will display a settings dialogue each time an Audio CD is inserted.
Box displayed on inserting Video DVD (3rd piccie).
Box displayed on inserting Audio CD (4th piccie).


Hi :slight_smile:
If you tick Enable Speed Control (1st piccie).
Info boxes show Speed Control too. (2nd & 3rd piccies).


Nice one, zebadee!!! Now I don’t have to wait until I get home to see the changes… Thanks


so what happend with those options to not remove rce 1 or not to disable auto run? like before you could change each option… i just like to remove the copy protection based on bad sectors and the analog protection aka macrovision … i do not want to disable auto run or emulate to region 1 how do i change these settings?

oh btw it says i have 16 days left . i tried the earlier version that you can check mark options to remove or not to remove. current ver it kinda feels that the older interferace has more options while this one selects more for you … which i really dont like… yes its more simple looks great too ! but less options :confused: :frowning:


Thankyou Zebadee, I understand now, I can have different settings for all my drives, thats pretty cool. I like it.


A great product gets even BETTER!!!


I love the new interface & added features, but I have a problem!! Ver. won’t recognize my key :sad: I installed over the previous version, rebooted and when I opened AnyDVD it told me I have 21 days left…etc.

I used the AnyDVD utility to re-activate my key, but it still comes up as trial version. I’ve already notified Slysoft, but while waiting for a response, does anyone have a similar problem? Or is there something I’m missing? I’ve upgraded the past dozen or so upgrades successfully, but is a differnt story.


Nice New User Interface!!! Thanks SlySoft!!!


Damn Slysoft always improving their software…grumble grumble. :smiley: Awesome work guys! James, go have a beer. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update slysoft. To Bobverens did you save your key to anydvd. If you did- I would uninstall completely and restart computer and then reinstall anydvd and double click on you key to anydvd. Good luck.


can an option make the dvdbe added to make the dvd info window pop up like like before
thanks jimmy


ummm… you can… just go over status…


I saved my key and have several backups…just in case. I also did an uninstall/restart and re-install/restart, tried to activate the key…no dice. First time this has ever happened.

I’ll have to wait for a response from Slysoft – hope they don’t take longer than 21 days :frowning:


but it’s still missing the option to have the info window pop up automatically like in the previous version.