Anydvd released



AnyDVD History, 2006 06 01

  • New: Added support for new versions of the Puppetlock protection
    to the option to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”
  • Updated languages



thanks webslinger :clap:


James what a busy boy you are…Cheer’s mate from Australia…:clap: :clap:


Thanks Web. I was shocked when I powered on the PC this morning and yet another updatw.


whta a crappy program…why the hell can’t they get it right the first time so I don’t have to keep updating. UGH.



:Z the updats is what makes this a good program lmao! :iagree: if theirs no frequent updates the app becomes useless… besides its not hard to download 1 min and install lol. :bigsmile:


trust me, i know all that. it was sarcasm (hence the smiley guy with the rose)

these update threads get too mushy with the “thank you slysoft you rule” so I figured I’d mix it up a little


lol, hi james :flower: , how are you doing james :flower: , is that how it goes Reasons :bigsmile:


@ reasonsnorules: I have noticed that Slysoft has introduced the " no reboot " after downloading, do you reboot anyway or is it the same without rebooting.


Hi :slight_smile:
How often do you update? This “no reboot” was introduced a couple of updates ago & applies to CloneDVD2 too. No you don’t reboot anyway (although I suppose you could for old times sake). :bigsmile:


Yes, Zebadee, it feels funny after having AnyDVD for so long and rebooting after updating, I feel the need to do it even though it isn’t necessary, I was just wondering if anyone else does this and if it makes any difference at all.


James likes it when i have an attitude :stuck_out_tongue:


I think james addressed the no reboot at some point. the only time you have to reboot is where there’s a change to something important…i don’t remember if it was a particular driver or a particular .DLL file, but if that particular thing isn’t altered then no reboot is required.

go stalk james’s posts for more info :wink:


Kinky, i love it :wink:


Yes, I still reboot. :iagree:




hahaha yes i’m still a creepy internet chick…hi james :slight_smile:


Hi love, check you inbox, I have a surprise for you. :kiss:


got it! i’m replying right now…well after i reheat some chinese food for breakfast that is :slight_smile:



I’m afraid of those two. :smiley: